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Pop-Up: Unlock Your Body's Wisdom: Somatic Practices for Personal Transformation with Anna Bolender

Updated: Jul 9

Join Anna in her second Holistic Health Workshop with us!

In this immersive workshop, you will learn about somatic work and why it’s an essential, yet often missing part on our self-development, healing, and growth journey. “Somatic” means “relating to the body”, so somatic work involves movement practices that strengthen the mind-body connection. Together, we will dive into the importance of nervous system regulation, how movement can help release stored emotions and trauma from the body, and how we can bring together both somatic and mindset practices to accelerate our own transformation.

You will learn (and practice!) powerful tools that you can integrate into your daily life to regulate and repattern your nervous system, release what’s no longer serving you, and ultimately create more balance, freedom, and joy in your life. If you’ve tried all the mindset work — from meditation and journaling to manifestation and positive affirmations — but still feel stuck or unfulfilled in your life, this workshop will bring you clarity and the missing piece to letting go of old, self-sabotaging patterns and stepping into your power. Whether you're new to somatic work or already practicing it, this workshop offers a supportive and nurturing space to deepen your understanding and experience of embodied living. I hope you’ll join me on this journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation through tapping into our body’s wisdom.

Date/Time: Sunday, July 14th | 2:30pm - 5:00pm

Location: Rae Studios | 414 Mason St., San Francisco, CA 94102

Tickets: Register on Eventbrite or using your MindBody App.

Workshop Details:

Instructing Led by:

ANNA BOLENDER | @annaalexbee 

Date: Sunday, July 14th

Time: 2:30pm-5:00pm


  • $35 Early Bird

  • $40 General Admission

  • $30 Member's Discount

Registration is required for this event.

Tickets: Register on Eventbrite or using your MindBody App.

Meet the Instructor:

Anna Bolender is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, dancer, and dance teacher who is passionate about all things wellness, health, and movement. Anna’s mission is to help others create more balance, freedom, and joy in their life and feel more vibrant and energetic through simple practices and rituals that reconnect them with their body, intuition, and purpose. As a Health Coach, she supports people in making sustainable lifestyle changes and establishing daily habits that enable them to reach their individual wellness goals. Born and raised in Germany, Anna’s love for movement and dance started with Rhythmic Gymnastics when she was seven years old. Since then, she has trained in various other dance styles, including hip hop, pop, cheerleading, contemporary, ballet, and jazz. Anna is a member and teacher at Rae Studios (check out her weekly cardio dance class DRENCHED!), as well as a dancer and model at Rae Agency. You can follow Anna on Instagram @annaalexbee.

Tickets: Register on Eventbrite or using your MindBody App.
Here's Anna explaining more about her spotlight on July 14th!


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