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Athleta GOTR x Rae Studios

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Join us ✨LIVE✨ from ATHLETA in SF for a virtual Cardio Jam class in partnership with Girls on the Run!

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In partnership with Girls on the Run Bay Area, get moving with San Francisco dancer and founder of Rae Studios, Jessica Rae for an hour long Cardio Jam session! Class is open to all levels and proceeds will support GOTR, whose mission is to prepare girls to face life's challenges through emotional and physical health development. Sign up for class HERE.  Zoom details will be sent prior to class. All participants will receive a $15 Athleta Shop Card.

Featured Guests from Rae Crew Community

Jessica Rae

My journey into fitness has always been surrounded by dance. I have always been a fan of what dance has to offer both as a student and as a teacher. The feeling of re-finding yourself through emotional connectivity using music and movement is undeniable. A direct correlation to your mind, body and soul while feeling vulnerable and empowered at the same time. I love it so much that I allowed it to lead me into my journey opening a dance studio and dance agency in San Francisco, CA. Dance has always allowed me to find a deeper connection exploring creative energy, fueling self love, and finding a tribe of people who are looking for the same energy of attraction without judgement of race, size, sex, or level of experience. We are all afraid of letting our guard down, this sport is the definition of emotional strength, letting your body be seen and judged as the main focus of this art. And there is beauty is everyones body. Simply said, there are no bodies who are the same, everyones body moves and hears differently and that's beautiful. My favorite part of a dance class is "floor talk". Hearing your peers cheer you on when it's your turn to shine gives you the confidence to "float the floor". As a teacher, it's my favorite part because I see genuine transformation of people who enter a studio with nerves but leave with an open heart. Dance is meant to be explored and loved by everyone. It leads me in my practice everyday to push for artists, to share creativity and continue to build community. It's that thing that allows me to end each night with a full and happy heart.
My name is Jessica Rae and I'm the proud owner and creator of Rae Studios, Rae Agency. aka. Your local dance and fitness instructor ;)

Register for the Event HERE

Event Details:

Spotlight Artist: Jessica Rae

Date / Time: Sunday October 11th, 2020 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PT | Cardio Jam w/ Jessica Rae

Tickets: FREE. Register for the Event HERE

Register for the Event HERE
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