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RECAP | Spotlight: Bollywood Fusion [Beg/Int] with Sanjana Kumar

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

On behalf of everyone at Rae Studios we would like to say thank you to everyone who attended Bollywood Fusion with Sanjana.. Saturday's class learned a fun choreo to "Chaleya (From 'Jawan')" by Anirudh Ravinchar. We know this was an amazing treat for her students and appreciate their participation. Check out our class video below. We are continuously grateful for the support from our students and your willingness to support and learn from our amazing instructors. Check out more photos and videos from Saturday's class here.

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  • Featured Instructor: Sanjana Kumar | @sanjkumars

  • Event Staff: Tashi Cowan | Studio Host


Tickets: Register on Eventbrite or using your MindBody App.

Class Details:

Featured Instructor:

SANJANA KUMAR | @sanjkumars

Date: Saturday, October 14th, 2023

Time: 2:45pm - 4:15pm


  • $25 General Admission

Facebook: Coming soon!

Registration is required for this event.


Meet the Instructor:

Sanj has trained in Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical dance) for over 15 years and completed her Arangatrum (dance graduation) in 2010. She has experience choreographing Bharatanatyam, Semi-Classical, Bollywood and Hip-Hop routines for her college's Bollywood Fusion Dance team. Since college, Sanj has started a Youtube channel to showcase her choreography and has started choreographing for weddings. She loves teaching at Rae Studios and hopes to share her culture through dance with her students.

Tickets: Register on Eventbrite or using your MindBody App.
Check out this video of Sanjana performing to "Yeah" Usherby See more of her content on her Instagram @sanjkumars


Facebook: Coming Soon!

Tickets: Register on Eventbrite or using your MindBody App.

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