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Class Videos from Rae Studios Student Bazyli Brzoska

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Rae Studios Member Bazyli Brzoska has offered to share access to some of the videos from classes they've taken.

Username: RAE

Password: rae


Have you taken a class and wondered who is this student filming the class on their tripod? Rae Studios Member Bazyli has been recording their journey with Rae Studios dance classes and wants to share these memories with you. Please visit to access the videos from Bazyli. (first-timers use "RAE" as the user and "rae" as the password).

Be sure to credit their IG account when posting:

Location: @raestudiossf

Videographer: @itsbazyli

Choreographer: Please tag the appropriate choreographer/instructor

Thank you Bazyli and all of our amazing students for your support. Please continue to support one another and build our community.

Username: RAE

Password: rae


About Rae Studios

Founded in 2012, Rae Studios is a dance & fitness center, overlooking San Francisco's Union Square. The studio is located on the 7th floor of the Native Sons of Golden West building, a historic preservation and organization founded in 1875. With wall-to-wall mirrors, high ceilings, stretch bars, state-of-the-art sound system, and our electrifying in-house dance & fitness instructors, Rae Studios is the perfect solution for group and one-on-one training exercise.

Username: RAE

Password: rae


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