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Customer Testimonials Appreciated 🤗

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Monday, December 19th 2022

Customer Testimonials

Hello Rae Studios Community,

We hope everyone is enjoying the holidays so far. A big Thank you from the Rae Studios managers to those who continue to support small business and the arts. As we move into the New Year, we ask our community to help share some words about your experience at Rae Studios. This action goes a long way to help new students gauge their interests in joining our classes. As you. know, we are a small business and thrive from word of mouth testimonials. Most of all, we are always excited to share experiences from our community members from class, staff, and the studio.

Here are some ways you can help us spread the word. Totally optional and very appreciated.

  1. Leave a Yelp or Google Review

  2. Email a written or video testimonial to

  3. Write a post about what Rae Studios means to you and tag us at @raestudiossf

We highly recommend shouting out instructors by their class name as reviews with personal information will not be shown on Yelp or Google.

Testimonials: Just a few testimonials from our Yelp Page from our community members

Video: This video was gifted by our students during COVID as a holiday gift. Video from various students, teachers and staff 2020.

For more information regarding class schedule and ticketing options visit here.

Thank you for your time and support. Happy Holidays!

From us at Rae Studios

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