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Do It For The Bay | 49ers Celebration Week🎉

Updated: Feb 5


LET'S GOOOO! San Francisco's 49ers have made it to the Super Bowl and we pre-gaming with the #DoItForTheBay by Saweetie, P-Lo. This class challenge is held Monday, 2/5 - Friday, 2/9! Join our featured instructors, Darian, Tiana, JanJan and Tashi as they rep for the San Francisco/ Bay Area and build up momentum for this weekends big event. Classes range from beginner to intermediate/advanced. Single class and package options are available. 49ers wardrobe optional! Check out this week's schedule below. Sign up now on our website or through the MindBody app.

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Event Details:

Featured Instructors:

DARIAN GEMORA | @dariananthony_

JANJAN CHAN | @janjanxchan

TASHI COWAN | @tashitheeterminator_

TIANA HESTER | @tianahester

Class Schedule:

  • Commercial Hip Hop [Int] with Darian | Mondays at 7:45pm

  • Industry Hip Hop [Int/Adv] with Tiana | Thursdays at 7:45pm

  • Jazz Funk [Beg] with JanJan | Fridays at 5:00pm (at UN Plaza)

  • Hip Hop [Beg] with Tashi | Fridays at 5:30pm


  • $23 Single Class

  • $55 Love Bomb 3-Pack

  • FREE Monthly Unlimited Members

Registration is required for this event.

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🎉 Featured Instructors🎉

Darian Gemora (@dariananthony_)

Commercial Hip Hop [Intermediate]

Monday, 7:45pm-8:55pm

Darian is a Bay Area native growing up in the ‘fog’ since he was born. He started his dance career sophomore year of high school being personally recruited into Funk Beyond Control a hip hop team led by Darnell Carroll. He has trained with So You Think You Can Dance award winning choreographers Phoenix and Pharside Jennings while on the youth team of Academy of Villains. Darian is an avid choreographer for social change and has participated in many Mental Health Awareness performances with Str8jacket for the San Mateo County. During his time in high school he was a lead in his school plays as well as Director of Dance for the rally committee. His training started with Hip Hop but he later dabbled in Contemporary, Lyrical, and Jazz Funk. Darian recently finished back up dancing for the TNT Boys World Tour in 2019 while working on his marketing degree at SF State. His goal is to inspire his students to gain more confidence and help them tell their own stories through dance. If you could sum him up in a few words it would be funny, quirky, and creative.

Class Description: Commercial Hip Hop [Int]

Commercial dance refers to dancing performed in pop artist live shows, music videos and movies. It is a modern style of Dance that can incorporate a mix of genres and sub styles, in particular Jazz & Hip Hop. Choreography is usually to Modern and Sassy Music. Commercial Dance is a fun, hard hitting style of Dance that is great for those who love the idea of film clip dancing, back up dancing in shows. Students learn Hip Hop technique and routines for fun and for performance.

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Tiana Hester (@tianahester)

Industry Hip Hop [Int/Adv]

Thursday, 7:45pm-8:55pm

It looks like you may have a little dancer” - as her mother would tell the story about what the doctor said during her ultra sound. TiAna- in the womb, with the heel of her foot in her mouth, was literally born to dance. In just the small city of Antioch, California at Delta Ballet Academy, TiAna started training recreationally at just eight years old in Hip Hop with LaTonya Watts. She then started training in ballet, as it became a requirement for her to continue with a competitive team. Her ballet teacher expressed to her mother, that there was no way it was her first time training in that style.

It was then that she knew dance was not just a “talent” that she had picked up, but a Gift. TiAna continued to expand her training in other styles such as jazz, lyrical, and contemporary. At the age of twelve, she started competing and traveling as a dancer. She continue to pursue her career through out high school, and started teaching dance once she graduated, in 2008.

In 2012, TiAna moved to New York City to pursue her dance career. She grew tremendously, training at studios like Broadway Dance Center, Alvin Ailey, PeriDance Center, and Brickhouse NYC. She has worked with well known artists; Sevyn Streeter, Justine Skye, Nikki Tino, Demi Grace, and more. TiAna has Choreographed, danced backup, and hosted classes for music labels like Atlantic Records, and Def Jam. While pursuing her dance career, she picked up a love for fitness and established a name for herself as a fitness instructor. TiAna “Your favorite instructor” Hester has been featured in the New York Times, New York Post, Shape Magazine, and Harper’s Bazaar as #4 of the Top 20 Fitness Instructors of New York. In 2019, she brought her expertise back home and has continued to learn and teach as a professional dancer. TiAna is grateful to have trained under so many well known choreographers from the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York such as, Corey Action, Allen Frias, Matthew J. Day, Denzel Chisholm, Jerry “curls” Paulino, Antonio “Tony” Jefferson, and more! She has taught and choreographed for over 15 dance studios, and hopes to be able to continue move with purpose, on purpose, and share her visions with the world.

Class Description: Industry Hip Hop [Int/Adv]

Have you ever dreamt of dancing in front of 90,000 cheering fans? Or opening for your favorite music artist? Whether you’re a newbie to the dance world or a seasoned veteran, you’ll want to come and learn how to level up your game. Industry Hip-Hop blends all of today's hottest dance trends and moves from across the different Hip-Hop genres. Learn the ins and outs of auditions, making the cut, taking the lesson, and ultimately expressing your truth through movement. This class will push dancers’ performance, styling, textures and dynamics through power moves and grooves.  Students will learn choreography focused on musicality, movement and performance quality. Growth is where the magic happens and the magic happens in class!

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JanJan Chan (@janjanxchan)

Jazz Funk [Beginner] (at UN Plaza)

Friday, 5:00pm-6:00pm

JanJan (any pronouns) is a gender-fluid movement artist and storyteller, born and raised in the Bay Area. They’ve been training in various styles, including ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, and more for over 10 years now. Their love of teaching started when they used to do club swimming and would teach the younger students as a side job. Although leaving behind their years and dedication of studio training, you can still find JanJan always eager to challenge themself by learning and training in new styles. Their number one priority will always be creating a safe and fun space whenever teaching, allowing dancers to not be afraid to try new things and let dance be therapeutic. 

JanJan started their dance journey at the age of 6. They’ve trained all over the Bay Area, primarily with Westlake School of Performing Arts, West Coast Dance Conservatory, Krazy 8, and Poise’n Brigade. JanJan has taught at all over the Bay Area, including for CY Danceworks, West Coast Dance Conservatory, Heart Beat Dance Academy, and Saint Francis High School. 

Along with dancing, you might also know JanJan from their online content on several social media platforms and their writing as an author. They are very excited to see what’s in store as a movement artist and will always be so grateful for all the opportunities they have been a part of and more to encounter. They can’t wait to see all of you grow!

Class Description: Jazz Funk [Beginner]

Jazz Funk dance style is a super-set of Jazz, influenced by Hip Hop. This style of dance is usually fast-paced pointed gestures and quick movements. In this class, you are expected to have basic knowledge of Jazz foundations while learning quick pace combos emphasizing on feminism and intricate movements.

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Tashi Cowan (@tashitheeterminator_)

Hip Hop [Beginner]

Friday, 5:30pm-6:25pm

Tashi Cowan is a dancer and teacher who has diverse experience in multiple forms of performance arts.

A Marin County native, she received her first formal lesson in hip-hop at ten years old and has been hooked on dance ever since. She continued her dance education while studying for an Associate Degree in Dance Performance at College of Marin and performed in the 2010 dance productions ‘Signatures of Motion’ and ‘Dance Upon a Song’.

Tashi was recognized by the College of Marin Foundation with the Saragay Stetson Dance Scholarship, a competitive award recognizing outstanding talent within the department. She also has had musical theatre training performing with the Stapleton Theatre Company’s Rendition of “Fame” where she received the Rookie Award.

A graduate of San Francisco State University, she studied abroad in London, England and was a member of the Kingston Cougars Latin Dance Team from 2017-2018, which ranked 2nd and 3rd place for Best Latin Style Dance.

In 2015 she became certified a Zumba instructor and has taught classes at Energy Dance and Fitness in San Rafael, Bay Club, San Francisco and Marin County and Mt. Tam Racquet Club. She continues to train at Mood Studio, Rae Studios, and SF ODC Dance Commons in Heels Technique, Hip Hop and Jazz Funk.

She is constantly learning and growing as a dancer and a person and believes that to dance and being able bodied is a blessing.

Class Description: Hip Hop [Beginner]

Hip-Hop is an artistic and cultural movement that started in the 1970s in The Bronx of New York City by Black and Latiné youth who expressed joy through Hip-Hop during a time of oppression. Hip-Hop dance consists of Breaking (commercially known as Breakdancing) and Hip-Hop Party Moves (e.g., Bart Simpson, Biz Markie, Roger Rabbit, Running Man). In this class students will focus on a beginner-friendly Hip-Hop dance combo that will help with choreography and movement quality. This course is a prerequisite requirement for many of our beginner/intermediate or intermediate/advanced classes. Prepare to take this class for at least 6-8 weeks before advancing to the next class.

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