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RECAP | Spotlight: Embodied Sensuality Workshop with Annelise Eastes & Dionne Dettmer

Updated: Feb 21

On behalf of Rae Studios we want to give a huge thank you to everyone that came out for Embodied Sensuality with Annelise Eastes & Dionne Dettmer. Saturday's workshop focused on mindfulness, centering the body and growth in self love. With the Valentine's season this was an amazing opportunity for students to reconnect with themselves on a personal level through reflective and dance based exercises. We're proud to welcome such a dynamic choreographer through our doors and hope that our students had a great time in this weekend's class. We are continuously grateful for our instructors and the continued support from our students. Check out photos and videos from the class below. Photos and videos from the class can be found here.

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Tickets: Register on Eventbrite or using your MindBody App.

Workshop Details:

Featured Instructor:

ANNELISE EASTES | @annelise_eastes

DIONNE DETTMER | @dionne.dettmer

Date: Saturday, February 17th, 2024

Time: 3:30pm - 5:30pm


  • $30 Early Bird (Ends 02/11)

  • $35 General Admission

  • $25 Member's Discount

Registration is required for this event.

Tickets: Register on Eventbrite or using your MindBody App.

Meet the Instructor:

Annelise Eastes is the Artistic Director of Artease Dance Collective. Her work showcases femininity, sensuality, and elegance through dance at the intersection of art and entertainment. She specializes in a fusion of burlesque, ballet, gogo, and contemporary dance. As a dancer, Annelise's most notable performances include the Las Vegas show residency A Touch of Burlesque, Barcelona Burlesque Meeting & Festival, Folsom XL Gala, Instrumental Bodies’ residency at the Foundation Room, Off Strip Fantasy Ball & Cabaret, 1Oak NYE Takeover of Aspen Kitchen, and an opening act for Ludacris at the Ogden Theatre.

Dionne Dettmer is a sex & intimacy coach. She runs a private coaching practice where she works with clients one-on-one. Successful and ambitious women hire her to help them heal sexual trauma so they can experience more pleasure in their body and show up with confidence in the bedroom. Her clients go from feeling disconnected and frustrated in their love life to finding ease and joy through physical touch.

Tickets: Register on Eventbrite or using your MindBody App.
Check out Annelise's choreography reel. See more of her content on her instagram @annelise_eastes

Check out this video from Annelises Barefoot Burlesque workshop in July, 2023. See more of her content on her instagram @annelise_eastes

Tickets: Register on Eventbrite or using your MindBody App.

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