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In-Studio and Virtual Private Lessons

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

In-Studio, Outdoor, or Via Zoom! Pick a private lesson that best fits your comfort!

So you want to get back in the studio with Private Lessons? Here's the get down.

Students and teachers are required to wear masks for the safety of all people

Windows will remain open

Our instructors will disinfect stations and items before and after your session

Our kitchen area is available for hand washing

Hand sanitizer is located on wall facing the "Rae Studios" neon sign

Please remain at least 6 feet away from each other

Bathrooms are still available for use, please wash your hands and use paper towel to touch door handles

To request a private lesson, please fill out the contact form on our website or email us at

Rates: $150/session; $600 for a 5 pack of sessions

Length: 60mins

Class Location: Option for in-studio or virtually through ZOOM

Teachers available for In-Studio Lessons & Availability:

Annalisa | Mon 1pm-7pm, Tues 10am-11am/2pm-4pm, Wed 9am-4pm, Fri 10am-3pm, Sat 12pm-5pm | Dance and Fitness

Aiyisha | Tues 2pm-5pm, Wed 2pm-5pm | Yoga, Meditation

Namaad | Mon 6:30pm-9pm. Tues 6:15pm-9pm, Wed 5:30pm-9pm, Thur 6:30pm-9pm, Fri 6:30pm-9pm, Sat Anytime, Sunday Anytime | Hip Hop, Contemporary, Heels , Jazz

Jeremy | Mon 12pm-4pm, Tues 12pm-4pm, Thur 12pm-4pm, Fri 12pm-4pm/6pm-8pm, Sat 10am-4pm | Modern, Hip Hop, Step

Lydia | Mon 6pm-9pm, Wed 6pm-9pm, Thur 6pm-9pm, Sat Anytime, Sun Anytime | Contemporary, KPOP, Hip Hop, Flexibility Training

Lindsey | Mon 1pm-5pm, Tues 1pm-5pm, Wed 1pm-8pm | Cardio, Jazz

Kris Shein | Mon-Fri 10am-7pm | Jazz Funk, Dance Technique, Pop

Jessica Rae | Mon 3pm-8pm, Fri 3pm-8pm, Sat 12pm-5pm | Fitness, Pop, Cabaret/Burlesque, Entrepreneurship

Jordan Singletary - Outdoor only (email for inquiries) | Yoga, Heels, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Hip Hop Grooves

Teachers available for Virtual Lessons & Availability:

Open availability from most instructors. Please email for inquiries.

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