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RECAP | Pop-Up: Injury Prevention for Dancers w/ Avid Sports Medicine

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

On behalf of Rae Studios, we want to give a huge thank you to everyone who attended the Injury Prevention workshop with Avid Sports Medicine. Additionally, we want to that the Avid Sports Medicine for coming out and providing the education for our students and instructors. This weekend's workshop featured various exercises and associates discussions around longevity for the body and the ways to prevent common. Saturday's workshop began with a short intro and discussion regarding most common dance injuries (notes below) and led into our activities, first beginning with a focus on dance warm. During this activity we focused on specific points in the body to target when warming up and also checking in with those areas prior to completing static stretches. We then led into focusing on our core, learning more about the importance of maintaining this area of the body including chest and abdomen, lower back and hips. Saturday's workshop then concluded with a discussion and exercises around recovery.

See below for notes from Saturday's workshop as well as some photos. Photos and videos from the workshop can be found here. For more on Avid Sports Medicine visit this link.

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Workshop Exercises:

Warm-up Movements:

1. Toe yoga (Big toes only, lesser toes only, spread, one at a time) set of 10

2. Ankle CARs (controlled articular rotations- really slow and controlled circles) 4 reps per


3. Knee CARs- add in straightening the knee while rotating 10 reps per direction

4. Hip CARS, hip flexion lift offs with knee extension 3 per side

5. Primal position (hands and knees) lift the leg up toward the ceiling 6 per side, 5 sec

holds (glute specific)

6. Spinal CARs kneeling (hug yourself) 4 each direction

7. Quadruped ( hands and knees) shoulder CARs, Foam Roller thoracic extension w/

rotation 4 reps each

Core Movements:

1. Hard style Plank 3x10 sec (tighten everything and pull the elbows toward hips)

2. Plank w/ hip abduction (alternating leg steps out to the side) 3x20 sec

3. Partial Sit-up w/ rotation ( a crunch in the up position, slowly lowering down) 10x5 sec

4. Primal position hands and lifted knees and extending the leg straight back 2x6

5. Superpeople (AKA supermans) Holds w/ strap or holding the yoga block 4x10 sec

Recovery Movements:

1. Sleeper Stretch (Contract and relax): 1 min stretch 10 push, 10 off

2. Prone shoulder external rotation/ shoulder and elbow at 90 degrees (Contract/Push and

lift off): 1 min stretch, 10 sec push, 10 sec lift off - use a yoga block to elevate the wrist.

3. Foam Roller quads w/ bending and straightening the knee 1 min per side (find those

trigger spots!)

4. Standing Calf stretch 1 min stretch per side initially, 3x10 sec push, 10 sec relax

5. Hip Flexor in a half kneeling position- think bottom of a lunge (Contract and relax) 3x30

sec per side

Most Common Dance Injuries:

  1. Foot + Ankle

    1. Achilles Tendinosis

    2. Sprains

    3. Impingement

    4. Trigger Toe

  2. Hip + Back

    1. SI Joint Dysfunction

    2. Impingement

    3. Snapping Hip

    4. Bursitis

  3. Knee

    1. Meniscus

    2. ACL

    3. Patellofemoral Syndrome

  4. Stress Fractures

    1. Metatarsals

    2. Tibia

    3. Spine

Partner Credits:

  • Featured Partner: Avid Sports Medicine | @avidsportsmedicine

  • Featured Instructor: Dr. Veronica Jow

  • Featured Instructor: Julieta Guzman


Tickets: Register on Eventbrite or using your MindBody App.

Workshop Details:

Instructing Led By:

  • Dr. Veronica Jow, MD

  • Julieta Guzman

Partner Credit:

AVID SPORTS MEDICINE | @avidsportsmedicine

Date: Saturday, July 10th, 2023

Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Tickets: $25 General Admission

Registration is required for this event.


Workshop Schedule:

  1. Most common dance injuries

  2. Dance Warm up: Education and Exercises

  3. Q&A/Break

  4. Core: Education and Exercise

  5. Q&A/Break

  6. Recovery & Tools: Education and Exercises

Tickets: Register on Eventbrite or using your MindBody App.

Meet the Instructors:

Dr. Veronica Jow, MD, a physician board certified in Internal Medicine and Sports Medicine, founded Avid Sports Medicine. The roots of her strong commitment to healthcare formed during undergraduate studies in biological anthropology at Harvard University. Dr. Jow completed residency training at New York Presbyterian-Cornell, where she gravitated towards the idea of exercise as medicine and preventative care. This led her to pursue advanced fellowship training in Sports Medicine at the University of Connecticut. While practicing medicine for the past 11 years in the Bay Area, Dr. Jow has taken care of the complete range of patients, including elite athletes at UC Berkeley, high-tech workers at One Medical, and underserved populations at Kaiser Richmond. Her inspiration to create Avid was born out of frustration with the current decentralized medical system that often requires patients to travel around to multiple locations seeing specialists who don’t communicate.

Julieta Guzman is the Head Athletic Trainer at Avid. She has >15 years of experience working with youth, recreation and elite athletes, including NFL players and Olympians. Her rehabilitative approach focuses on joint and muscle mobility, stability of the spine and pelvis, mitigation and recognition of injuries, and return to sport protocol and testing.

Julieta has previous collegiate athletic training experience as a graduate assistant at Stanford from 2008-2010 in which she worked with football and track and field. She left Stanford to become the assistant athletic trainer with football at the University of California, Berkeley from 2010-2013. She later worked as the Associate head athletic trainer at University of California, Davis from 2013-2017.

More about Avid Sports Medicine:

Avid Sports Medicine is a multidisciplinary practice in the heart of the Bay Area that offers the latest in medical care to prevent, evaluate, treat, and rehabilitate injuries. In addition to injury treatment, we focus on preventative care and wellness to create a holistic approach to health. We offer both traditional and alternative medicine solutions, including sports medicine, athletic training, physical therapy and lifestyle coaching, chiropractic, and massage. This network empowers patients to recover with customized treatment options, education and partnership.

Tickets: Register on Eventbrite or using your MindBody App.

Tickets: Register on Eventbrite or using your MindBody App.

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