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Spotlight: Facial Therapist Expert, Jenny McAteer

Updated: Jun 10


You asked for it... JENNY is back offering WEEKLY Skin Fitness classes!

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Jenny is a holistic skincare expert with over 16 years experience in the spa and wellness industry. She holds advanced level certification in Sculptural Face Lifting Technique from master teacher Yakov Gershkovic. She is also certified in Gua Sha, Facial Reflexology and is a graduate from Dr Vodder Academy International in Advanced Level Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage. Jenny is a firm believer that the products we put on our skin, like the foods we consume must be ethically sourced and where possible include organic ingredients. With the combination of high level training and active product ingredients her goal is to provide the most effective outcome to your long term skin health and wellbeing.

  • CIDESCO trained esthetician - this is the highest international qualification in the esthetics industry.

  • Sculptural Face Lifting Technique - One of a handful of therapists in the United States trained in this technique

  • Buccal Massage - which has become well known due to Megan Markle being a big fan of this treatment


You will learn facial exercises and a massage routine to lift, tone and sculpt the face.  We will also be working on the facial meridians to calm the nervous system, increase circulation and detoxify the skin for ultimate skin glow.  This is a fun interactive class with instant results. Come prepared with the following:

  • Clean face & hands

  • Your preferred face oil or whatever you have easily available

  • Favorite eye and lip balm and hydrating toner e.g. rosewater

  • Comfortable clothing to allow us to work chest area too.

For those participating in class, Jenny is offering a 15 min complimentary virtual skincare consultation one-on-one and 15% discount on Laurel Whole Plant Organic Skincare product purchases. Check out her website for more information.

May Special:

In honor of May being mental awareness month this class will focus on how we can create balance and calm our mind through face massage.  We will focus on techniques to calm the nervous system and end with a mindful meditation to help reduce stress.

This week's skin fitness class we will do face yoga going over specific exercise to lift and tone facial muscles. We will not use face oil for this segment, but please have a face oil on hand for the end of the class we can end we relaxing face massage.


Looking for a way to dive deeper into your practice? Contact Jenny to purchase the new Gua Sha Tool.

As a special feature for this week's class we will be learning a  Gua Sha face routine.  Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese treatment that includes the use of a small crystal board to gently massage, lift and contour the face. We will stimulate specific energy points to promote better circulation and glow.  If you don't have a Gua Sha tool easily available, Jenny will show you alternative movements using your hands or if you have a smooth crystal, stone or spoon to use that can work too!

Workshop Details:

Spotlight Artist: Jenny McActeer

IG: @you_are_beautiful_skincare Website: https://you-are-beautiful.skincaretherapy.net/home | https://www.facebook.com/You-Are-Beautiful-Skincare-406623173412151/?modal=admin_todo_tour

Day / Time: Sunday 5:00 PM - 5:50 PM | Skin Fitness w/ Holistic Esthetician Jenny McAteer

Tickets: $15 / Class ($18 for multi household)

Ticket Reservations:  CLICK HERE or purchase on your MindBody App

Check out a little snippet of the class!

Ticket Reservations:  CLICK HERE or purchase on your MindBody App


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