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Spotlight: Jordan Singletary

Updated: Mar 27, 2020




We asked Jordan to answer a few questions about her second heels intensive. Check out her responses here!

Spotlight Recap 1.  What were your initial thoughts as you completed this workshop?  How do you feel as the instructor/host? My initial thoughts after completing the workshop was of course MAJOR GRATITUDE. Despite the chaos of the state of the world, our community gathered together to ground ourselves, celebrate our ourselves and our bodies, and mostly, create a hugely supportive space for us to grow. I just felt deeply  honored to open a space like that for people. 2.  What did you do/teach differently in this workshop in comparison to your weekly classes at Rae.   Because I had more time, I incorporated some yoga aspects into my intensive. We started off with a breathe work meditation before warming up. Took a moment to reflect on our individual strengths before strutting down a soul train line and sharing these affirmations with the group. For example, mine was “I am Jordan, I am a master shapeshifter, I am an energy influencer, and I am a badass bitch!”. When choreography began, I really was able to take things slowww, emphasizing the little nuances and small things in dancing that add so much to the flavor of the choreo. Before doing it in groups at the end, we did another grounding meditation which helped students get out of their heads and dance in their bodies for the camera!  3.  What was your most enjoyable moment? I really enjoyed speaking with individual students after class. Some shared stories of the hard times they were going through, how the intensive took them out of their negativity and gave them a sense of strength back. Some just smiled ear to ear and giggled saying they couldn’t wait to go practice more at home. The energy of the room before and after is the reason why I feel it is important for me to keep doing these. People came in nervous and jittery and left sweaty, smiling, and empowered. People left with new friends, a sense of support, a feeling of accomplishment, and of course some hecka cute new dance moves to work on. 

4. What are you hoping to share with your students who missed this experience? I am hoping to share and somehow translate the energy of that room before and after.. into words. It wasn’t just another dance class. It brought out a vulnerability in every single person. It brought out our fears and insecurities. It brought out the things we THINK we are incapable of & put it in our faces. I was able to create a space that everyone was comfortable asking questions, saying “Can you do that like 300 more times for me?”. Then it was like little light bulbs turning on as people started to GET IT and really CHANNEL IT. Throughout the course of the 2 hour intensive, every single person in that room had their moment. Everyone shined in their own unique way. Everyone pushed themselves past places they would expect. The energy and process was nothing short of magical. 


Hi Dance Fam,

We are at it again! Starting off March we present, ROOTED #2 an empowering heels intensive with Jordan Singletary in ROOTED. In this intensive, you will dive deep in heel choreography while expanding and perfecting your craft. Learn to set a foundation in stage presence and gaining confidence to be your authentic self. Jordan will get you grounded in the musicality of dance and creating intentional movement. We are here to express, not impress.

Jordan Singletary is a powerhouse of versatility and passion. After high school, she spent 4 years on NBA’s Phoenix Suns pro dance team and WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury Hip Hop Squad. The experience allowed her to travel overseas, choreograph routines, and host live game entertainment. She proceeded to acquire her 200 hr yoga certification and dove deeply into the philosophies and benefits of yoga. She now teaches dance and yoga classes in the Bay Area. She blends her background of dance and yoga into artfully articulated classes. In any style class, students will expect to be challenged in a safe, supportive, and uplifting environment. Guiding others on how to get out of their heads, and into their bodies.

Meet Jordan:

She's kind, talented, and ready to share her expert tips to further your dance career in this industry. The does, the don't, and all the in betweens. Best part about Jordan, it's like hanging out with your bestie! And if you can't make this workshop, see her every Monday 7:30pm Hip Hop, Fridays 4:30pm

Yoga, Friday's 6:30pm Heels weekly at Rae Studios. We hope to see you!

Her favorite quote: “Wherever your attention goes, energy flows.”

Follow Her: @ohlordyitsjordy

Workshop Details:


Date / Time: Saturday, March 14th | 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Tickets: $25 Prepay | $30 at the Door

Ticket Reservations: CLICK HERE or purchase on your MindBody App

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