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Spotlight: KG Stilettos

Updated: Jul 16, 2020


Ticket Reservations:  CLICK HERE or purchase on your MindBody App

Description of class:

Sexy Vibes with KG is a fun way for all dance levels and backgrounds to come together and support one another through the movement of dance. Each class objective is to bring out the best in you, to empower you, and uplift you in a welcoming and judgment free environment of learning and expression. Sexy Vibes with KG is a CHAIR dance class focusing on performance development, musicality, and stepping into being fully comfortable and confident in your own skin. Whether you are a trained dancer, or a beginner, Sexy Vibes with KG is intended to help you grow and flourish as a confident individual who expresses their individuality unapologetically. (Have a chair ready; HEELS OPTIONAL)

Personal Bio:

Growing up dance always provided a sense of freedom of expression and an escape for Krystal to connect with herself and others. At an early age Krystal demonstrated a love for performing, putting on impromptu performances for anyone who would watch.

As an adult, Krystal continued her passion for performing as a professional dancer with the National Basketball Association for eight seasons. As an NBA dancer for the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings, Krystal traveled the world performing throughout the United States and Internationally. In 2018 Krystal created Stilettos with KG, a seductive dance class in high heels, as an opportunity to reach those who were in need of an outlet to feel welcomed and supported. Krystal set out to empower others, giving them the opportunity to flourish in a judgment free zone of learning and expression. Krystal’s class motto's to live by are “Do You” and “Zero Fucks.” Positivity that encourages all to express themselves confidently and unapologetically beyond the dance studio.

Workshop Details:

Spotlight Artist: Krystal "KG Stilettos"

Date / Time: Thursday April 23rd, 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM | Sexy Vibes w/ KG

Tickets: $12 / Class ($15 for multi household)

Ticket Reservations:  CLICK HERE or purchase on your MindBody App

Ticket Reservations:  CLICK HERE or purchase on your MindBody App

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