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Meet the New Instructors Added to Summer 2022!

Did you say 📣 TWERK, BACHATA, POP + ISO, TECHNIQUE, & REGGAETON? Yes, that's right! ❤

We are so excited to bring back both new and returning instructors added to this Summer's 2022 class schedule. As some of you know, there are a few instructors who had to leave due to school/work/personal time while new and returning instructors await for a class slot to open. A large portion of classes were lead by Kevin Wong, our past Studio Manager. We just held his "Farewell Party" showering Kevin with his flowers as he makes his way to SoCal for his masters program along with Sheena who led Pilates leaving for family matters. However, while our veteran instructors will be missed, they leave room for us to welcome, Ryan Mckee, Rudy Namikis, Jazmyne Blackston, Sara Templeton and Madelin Braun. Geez, we had so many amazing teachers that we had to expand our schedule. Check out the new Sunday schedule now open until 4pm.

We are so thankful for every instructor who's dedicated their time, energy to share their wellness education and artistry over the past 11 years. Let's continue to show our support to our teachers by giving them some extra attention. Try out a class, share an IG story, bring a friend and be prepared to MOVE YOUR BODY. Dance and Fitness open for all levels.

Video Below: From our 2022 Spring Season - Photos: Genevieve Parker, Video: Robbie Gomez


Our in-studio class prices are returning to the pre-pandemic rate starting July 1st. Single class tickets are increasing from $20 to $22. Livestream rates will remain the same. We are bringing back the Same-Day Double-Up ticket option. Take two in-studio classes on the same day for $40.



Rudy Namikis Bachata Level 1 [Beg] Sundays 1:15pm PT In-Studio

Bachata Level 2 [Int]

Sundays 2:30pm PT In-Studio @redbeardance

Rudy Namikis of Red Bear Dance is a lifelong teacher and dancer who fell in love with bachata in 2021, and decided to devote his life to growing the bachata community and bringing the love of bachata dancing to the world by launching Red Bear Dance in January 2022.

Rudy began teaching academically at the age of 17 and continued professionally tutoring through all of high school, university, and into graduate school. In addition to academic tutoring, Rudy has also taught motorcycle riding (street and racetrack, private lessons and workshops), motorcycle maintenance workshops, and beginner sailing. Through the many years of teaching varied topics to diverse students, Rudy has developed a strong understanding of the principles behind effective teaching and learning.

Bachata Level 1 [Beg]

Learn the fundamental movements and techniques for bachata social dancing. We'll also cover more practical considerations, such as dance floor etiquette, how to approach lessons, and exercises and training to do at home. Lessons will be tailored to the skill level of the students. Bachata is a Latin social dance, among the most popular in the world and rising in popularity. It is romantic, smooth, and sensual, allowing you to connect with people all around the world!

Bachata Level 2 [Int]

Refine the fundamental techniques learned in Bachata Level 1 and learn pattern combinations that you can take straight to the dance floor. Lessons will be tailored to the skill level of the students, students should have atleast one to three months of Bachata Level 1 training. Bachata is a Latin social dance, among the most popular in the world and rising in popularity. It is romantic, smooth, and sensual, allowing you to connect with people all around the world!


Ryan Mckee

Industry Choreography [Intermediate /Advanced] Thursdays 7:30pm PT In-Studio

Beginner Hip Hop [Beginner]

Fridays 5:30pm PT In-Studio

Industry Choreography [Intermediate / Advanced]

Sundays 11:00am PT In-Studio

Pop + Iso [All levels]

Sundays 12:05pm PT In-Studio

Ryan McKee has been dancing and choreographing hip hop for roughly 15 years. Some of his largest achievements during this time include getting 4th place on the reality show "Jabbawockeez: The Movement", choreographing an award winning music video for Armaan Malik's song "Aaja Na Ferrari Mein", and dancing in the movie "Manifest Destiny Down 2: Spacetime". His classes focuses on pushing dancers energy, strength, and performance. In which he will also work on building confidence and having fun.

Hip Hop [Intermediate / Advanced]

A choreography-based dance class utilizing various street and studio-style movements of Hip Hop. We will introduce you to more complex techniques and concepts such as textures and musicality. This class will help push you out of your comfort zone and expand your dance vocabulary.

Beginner Hip Hop [Beginner]

Back to basics with Beg Hip Hop. Learn dance fundamentals, basic movement and learn choreography. This class level is great for beginners to learn and explore movement!

Industry Choreography [Intermediate / Advanced]

Have you ever dreamt of dancing in front of 90,000 fans? Or opening for Maroon 5?

Whether you are new to the professional dance world, or are a seasoned veteran in the game, you are sure to learn how to up-level your performance. Learn the ins and outs of auditions, making the cut, taking the lesson, and ultimately expressing your truth through movement. Stop doubting your talent and step up to the opportunity. Growth is where the magic happens and the magic happens in class! This class uses Jazz and Hip Hop technique.

Pop + Iso [All levels]

Popping and Isolations is a dance class focused on the sudden tensing and releasing of the muscles to the rhythm of the music. Learn the basics and fundamentals of this style through a detailed warm up followed by an all levels choreography.


Jazmyne Blackston

Twerk [All Levels] Fridays 7:50pm PT In-Studio @twerk.a.rella

More about Jazmyne coming soon.

Twerk [All Levels]

This class focuses in on the twerk basics and fundamentals, with some tricks and tips on how to twerk. First starting with going over basic twerk movements, then moving into a fun warm up using those new twerk movements or fundamentals. Followed up by some fun, upbeat, cardio based choreography. Its all about shaking those hips and glutes, getting loose, and having fun.


Sara Templeton

Reggaeton[Beg/Int] Fridays 6:30pm PT In-Studio

Sara is a choreographer, teacher, and dancer based in San Francisco. She started her professional hip-hop career at sixteen, dancing with Culture Shock S.F. and L.A. and guest performing with independent artists throughout the Bay Area. While earning her dance degree at Loyola Marymount University, Sara expanded her artistry to include ballet and contemporary, and began a focused re-engagement with salsa and other Latin dances connected to her Puerto Rican heritage. It was during this time that Sara truly honed in on her passion for choreography and teaching, and the ways in which the intelligence of different dance techniques could cross pollinate for the benefit of the artist.

Today, Sara makes the most out of her diverse dance background by working with dancers of various styles, ages, and abilities in helping them express the best of who they are. Sara strongly believes in the joy of dance, and is dedicated to fostering a safe and playful space where students can work on sound dance technique while feeling motivated to grow. When Sara is not bouncing around with her dance students, she is working on choreographic projects, experimenting with dance for film, or running her two small businesses (Basmati Bags and Objects For Art). Besides dance, Sara is an ardent, 20-year practitioner of Iyengar yoga, and a strong believer in massages and chocolate.

Reggaeton [Beg/Int]

Reggaeton focuses on strong and sensual hip movements (commonly known as dancing 'perreo') and often incorporates hip hop grooves and latin dance technique.


Madelin Braun Jumps & Turns [All Levels] Fridays 5:30pm PT In-Studio

Madelin Braun has been dancing since early childhood, training in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Modern, and a variety of other techniques. She began teaching at her home studio in the Central Valley of California at 15. In addition to her teaching, she participated rigorously in the studio’s Competition Teams by traveling, performing, and competing all over California. In 2012, she relocated to San Francisco to attend San Francisco State University, earning a minor in Dance. While attending SF State, she dove deeper into her dance training, participated in several Student Choreography Showcases, served as a member of the University Dance Theater Company 2014-2015 and as Student Dance Alliance VP 2014-2015. She has been teaching Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, and Jazz Funk at a variety of studios and summer camps around the Bay Area since 2013 and received a Choreography award at a local competition Dupree Dance in 2017. During the pandemic Madelin has been an integral part of choreographing and directing performance showcases and studio management.

Madelin continues to train and teach dance throughout the Bay Area with the philosophy that learning is lifelong and everyone can dance. Her classes are structured through strength training, sharing of knowledge in technique and understanding your own body to let it guide your learning.

Jumps & Turns [All Levels]

Jumps and Turns class focuses on jazz, ballet and contemporary style techniques that will help dancers develop control, technical understanding and strength to execute more advanced skills in a safe and positive environment. Beginning each class with an extended warm up to focus on strength training and flexibility, then learning center and across the floor combinations to have the opportunity to practice movements with more focus, and ending with a short cool down to appreciate your body and your hard work. This class will allow for beginners to learn and apply technique work and advanced dancers to challenge themselves.



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