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Meet the New Instructors for 2021 Season 4 (Updated)

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Fall is here Rae Studios Family!

Let's give a warm welcome to our new instructors joining us for our 2021 Season 4 roster. We have some new instructors joining us for the first time. As some may know, most of our teachers have been with us for many years. A few of our local teachers have moved to other cities and are continuing to teach with us virtually due to the pandemic. Other instructors are continuing to expand in their art/field of wellness like opening up new brick and mortars, expanding their teaching careers, or venturing into other lifestyles. Either way, we are always so excited to watch our teachers in every venture of their lives.

We're launching a new program this quarter. Our Performance Workshop Series is a 7 week series with a performance opportunity at the end of the workshops. This quarter we have 8 different artists leading a workshop in a variety of styles. Read more on our blog post here. First rehearsals start 10/9/2021. We're also planning to bring back our hybrid class format to more of our class offerings, which means more in-studio and livestream classes.

We are so thankful for every instructor who's dedicated their time, energy to share their wellness education and artistry over the past 10 years. Let's continue to show our support to our teachers by giving them some extra attention. Try out a class, share an IG story, bring a friend and be prepared to MOVE YOUR BODY. Dance and Fitness for all.

Welcome 2021 Season 4 teachers ❤️

Get the full schedule and sign up today: RSVP TODAY


Darian Gemora
Industry Choreography [Int / Adv]
Tuesdays 6:30pm PT In-Studio

Darian is a bay area native growing up in the ‘fog’ since he was born. He started his dance career sophomore year of high school being personally recruited into Funk Beyond Control a hip hop team led by Darnell Carroll. He has trained with So You Think You Can Dance award winning choreographers Phoenix and Pharside Jennings while on the youth team of Academy of Villains. Darian is an avid choreographer for social change and has participated in many Mental Health Awareness performances with Str8jacket for the San Mateo County. During his time in high school he was a lead in his school plays as well as Director of Dance for the rally committee. His training started with Hip Hop but he later dabbled in Contemporary, Lyrical, and Jazz Funk. Darian recently finished back up dancing for the TNT Boys World Tour in 2019 while working on his marketing degree at SF State. His goal is to inspire his students to gain more confidence and help them tell their own stories through dance. If you could sum him up in a few words it would be funny, corky, and creative.

Nora Aguayo
Mondays 5:30pm PT Hybrid

Nora Aguayo has been teaching for about five years now, specializing in Zumba and Dance Cardio formats. She blends various dance styles with a Latin kick to create a diverse and fun workout. There is no limit to what you can do—Motiving and creating your flow while dancing is her goal.

Grace Dong
Jumps & Turns (All Levels)
Mondays 6:30pm PT IN-STUDIO

Contemporary (Intermediate)
Mondays 7:30pm PT IN-STUDIO

Born and raised in the Bay Area and now based in San Francisco, Grace has been training in ballet, contemporary, and jazz since childhood. She has worked with choreographers like Sonya Tayeh, Keri LaGrand, Jon Bond, and Brooke Pierotti.

Grace went on to attend Stanford University, where she focused on contemporary as a dancer/choreographer with Innovative Styles, Stanford's student-run contemporary company, and explored hip hop as a dancer with Alliance Dance and Jam Pac'd. She then served as the Director of both Innovative Styles and Jam Pac'd. Grace was also one of five Stanford Dollies in the 2017-2018 season, where she performed with the Stanford Band at the Valero Alamo Bowl, NCAA Women's Volleyball Final Four, and other Stanford Cardinal events.

She currently teaches Jumps & Turns and Intermediate Contemporary at Rae Studios, where she emphasizes strong technical foundations as the basis for movement and expression!

Matt Jereza
Int / Adv Hip Hop (Int/Adv)
Mondays 7:30pm PT IN-STUDIO

Matt Jereza is a San Francisco native who has been dancing and choreographing for several years. He has trained in various styles including popping and hip-hop, and is a current member of Str8jacket.


Ethan Dennis
Intro to Umfundalai (All Levels)
Wednesdays 6:30pm PT IN-STUDIO

Louisiana and California native Ethan Clyde is a performer, choreographer and dance educator. At the University of Louisiana-Monroe, he trained in Modern dance, jazz, tap, ballet and Umfundalai, a pan-afro Caribbean dance technique. With his training and passion for dance, he has explored the art form through dance films, stage choreography, pageant choreography, and dance education.

In 2021, Ethan co-choreographed and directed "HERE I AM," a dance film that was 1 of the selected works accepted into the American College Dance Association's National Screendance Festival Gala. Aside from dance films, he continues to choreograph dance works for the University of Louisiana-Monroe's Dance Repertory Ensemble.

Ethan has performed in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama with the ULM Dance Repertory Ensemble, toured with musical artist Beatrice, and danced in award-winning talent numbers for the Miss Gay US of A pageant system.

As for teaching, Ethan has taught hip-hop at his Alma Mater, ballet at It's My Passion Dance Company, and Afro-Caribbean fusion in the Bay Area and Louisiana. He received his M'Singha Wuti teaching license in Umfundalai, a contemporary African dance technique, from the National Association of American African Dance Teachers (NAAADT) in 2021.



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