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Monthly Unlimited Membership is BACK! Along with a few bonus services

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Written: 7/2/20

Rae Management


Hello Rae Fam,

Thank you all for your patience. We are so excited to announce that with the help of our PPP loan we are able to bring back Monthly Unlimited Memberships. You might be wondering why we didn't offer Monthly Unlimited since day one. You've also requested for Pre-Recorded Video options. These services will be available end of July/August. Before we dive into the new services, I'd like to give a HUGE thank you on behalf of the Rae Studios management team for your continued support. We've hit so many mile stones during COVID. (See 100+ Days of SIP blog post for details).

The past few weeks have been very difficult to maintain reservations for our teachers and overall business. With the Bay Area opening up, businesses re-staffing their 9-5 employees, fitness moving to outdoor programs, and a variety of other reasons, we've undergone a large decrease of reservations. But that wont stop us from doing what we love. Thankfully, with the help of our tiny PPP loan, we can pay our instructors a flat fee instead of the 50/50 split.

Pre-Register for Monthly Unlimited Here: CLICK HERE

1. Why didn't we start offering Monthly Unlimited from Day 1 of Quarantine?

Dance studios are quite different than fitness gyms. Dance teachers normally make a percentage per student per class. Prior to COVID, we were able to offer a base + an incentive program per person, with the help of all our other services including; studio rentals, private lessons, corporate lessons, and the many services through Rae Agency. In all transparency, it's been extremely difficult to operate on a 50/50 split covering teacher's costs and studio operations. We've lost teachers along way, which is completely understandable, as everyone is financially struggling. As you can imagine, we've been operating on a tight rope, juggling between staying open, keeping our teachers and staff financially supported, and keeping our members and community together. Now with the help of our PPP, we can offer our teachers a flat fee, including bringing back Monthly Unlimited memberships and other creative ways to bring in new students. We are very excited to begin our membership structure.

2. When would Monthly Unlimited Membership Begin and what does it cover?

Monthly Unlimited will begin July 13th. Yay! Cost is $150/for unlimited virtual classes. This membership will include all classes with the exception of Spotlight / Master class / Workshop courses.

3. When would Pre-Recorded Videos begin and how does it work?

We are currently preparing our pre-recorded content to launch by August/September. Please be on look out for more details.

4. If I had a Monthly Unlimited Membership before COVID, can I still use my credits here to access classes?

The short answer is yes! Due to our studio closure, we've paused all of our memberships and advised that they will have access to unpause their memberships once the studio opens. Now that we have our Monthly Unlimited Memberships again, we will reach out to individuals about unpausing their memberships.

5. Will Class Card Packages still be offered?

Yes, please defer to this page for class card package options. click here

6. Private Lessons In Studios? Yes, we are now hosting parties less than 4ppl in the studio including private lessons. We have strict protocols for anyone using the studio space. Please see this policy before attending a private lesson. Private lessons are set at $125 for virtual or in-person lessons. This service is LIVE and available today: Please reserve your lesson on your MindBody app or with:

7. I want the videos from class, how can I get them?

Most of our ZOOM sessions are available for purchase. Please select the ticket that says Livestream + ZOOM Video Link and sign yourself up for the class you want the video for. Whether or not you attend the class, our studio host will email you a link to access the video later in the evening, as long you purchased the appropriate ticket.

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