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A Mother's Day Dedication 💕

Updated: May 6, 2022


"Emotional, yet the rock.

Tired, but keeps going.

Worried, but full of hope.

Impatient, yet patient.

Overwhelmed, but never quits.

Amazing, even though doubted.

Wonderful, even in the chaos.

Life Changer, every single day."

- Rachel Martin

This day is always a special celebration. This year, we decided to host our annual Mother's Day Free Admission and feature our teachers and what Mother's Day means for them. Join us as we take a moment to highlight a few of our teachers and staff. We asked our team to share a photo of them and their mom, inspired mom figures or kiddos. We also asked them to share a quote to tell us how their mom's or children inspires them as an instructor through dance, movement, wellness, art.

Here's what they shared. Plus a dedicated Mother's Day event, Sunday, May 8th 2022. Scroll below.


Archana Ramesh & Mom, Chithra

Instructor: Archana Ramesh, BollyX Instructor

Inspiration Quote: "My love for Bollywood movies and music, and for Indian culture comes from my mom.” We moved around a lot growing up, and she always kept us anchored to our roots, and I am so grateful for that grounding! She also nurtured my love of dance, signing me up for classic Indian dance (Bharatnatyam) classes at an early age. Thank you, Amma!”

Andrea Sendek & Mom, Mary Kathleen Sendek

Instructor: Andrea Sendek, Belly Dance Instructor

Inspiration Quote: "My Mom's love gives me the courage to feel secure in myself. I can hear her voice telling me over the phone "You can do it babe" Or "Andrea, go and shine your beautiful light in the world."

This picture was snapped a few years ago on a visit to my home town in Michigan. The Rolling Stones came to play in Detroit and my Mom was always a fan so My sister Angela and I took her to the concert. We were grabbing a quick bite before the show.

Jenny McAteer & Mom, Josie

Instructor: Jenny McAteer, Face Yoga Instructor

Inspiration Quote: “Josie has the biggest heart that radiates so much love in the world. Working in the beauty industry there is a lot of focus on outward beauty. Josie has been my constant reminder that having a good heart and positive outlook in the world and caring for others is the greatest beauty flex! A loving heart is the best anti-aging secret”

Jessica Rae & Mom, Elsie

Instructor: Jessica Rae, Barre, Drenched, Pop Jam Instructor

Inspiration Quote: “At a young age, my mom encouraged me to dance at any and every opportunity. I would dance with street performers, performing at Filipino home parties, or on an empty dance floor. She always pushed my interests, enrolling in dance classes, tennis, piano and public speaking. She stood by my side during every rehearsal and show, proud of every accomplishment. Up to this age, she continues to stand by my side as my biggest supporter reminding me that I can achieve my biggest goals as long as I’m willing to put in the hard work. Most of all, she continues to teach me to lead with love. This photo is us on her recent birthday watching a dance show. We danced our way into the theater.

Jordan Singletary & Mom, MaryAnna

Instructor: Jordan, Heels & Hip Hop Instructor

Inspiration Quote: "My mom is the trailblazer in my life. She has inspired me and believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. She has showed me what unconditional love is. She embodies power and grace and passion. I feel like she understands me in a way most people do not. She pushes me to be a better version of myself and loves me through every phase of my life. Wouldn’t be here without you mom (literally). I love you."

Kimaya Rane & Mom, Jyoti

Instructor: Kimaya Rane, Bollywood Funk Instructor

Inspiration Quote: "Since I was 5 years old my mom would choreograph routines I would perform at Diwali and other Indian functions in my community, she would do everyone's makeup and help coordinate outfits, and always loved watching and cheering me on as I danced! Here's a pic of my mom and I in India.

Lexi Nutkiewicz & Mom, Karen

Instructor: Lexi Nutkiewicz, Hip Hop Instructor

Inspiration Quote: “Lexi & Karen

“My mom signed me up for a Hip-Hop class when I was 7 years old and if it wasn’t for her, I don’t know if I ever would have discovered my love for dance. While not a dancer herself, I’m continuously inspired by her creativity and kind-heartedness. This photo is us at my cousin’s bar mitzvah where we both tore up the dance floor!”

Nora Aguayo & Mom, Liliana (Plus a warm acknowledgment to Nora, soon to be mom)

Instructor: Nora Aguayo, Zumba Instructor

Inspiration Quote: My mom is my Hero…since I can remember she has always supported my wildest dreams cheering on for me from the side lines every time I had a performance.

Sheena Grams & baby, Archer

Instructor: Sheena Grams, Pilates & Yoga Instructor

Inspiration Quote:

At a year and a half this little guy is already swinging on monkey bars, running and doing downward dog; I have to keep up with my cardio and weights just to keep up with him! He is my constant source of vitality, laughter and keeps me curious. We should all try see through the eyes of a child for a happier, simpler world.

Shruthi Reddy & Mom, Deepika

Instructor: Shruthi Reddy, BollyX Instructor

Inspiration Quote/My Story: Mom is my strength and guidance. Truly blessed to be her daughter. She continues to show me that patience and forgiveness are the most important things to stay grounded and have a healthy relationship with myself. My mom and I are similar in someways but different in many ways, yet she accepts me for who I am and always created a safe space for me to share and challenge the norms. Thank you and love you, mom :)

Thara Ashley & Mom, Tessie

Instructor: Thara Ashley, Drenched! Instructor

Inspiration Quote: “My mom grew up in a small province in the Philippines and didn’t have many opportunities to really explore her passions. I’m grateful to her for the life that I live now where I am able to explore what moves me.”


The Instructor Roster + Bio for Sunday, May 8th 2022

ALL MOM'S FREE!!! In celebration of Mother's Day, Rae Studios is offering a complimentary class on Sunday, May 8th, 2022 to moms.


In honor of Mother's Day, we have ALL MOM'S FREE! Sunday, May 8th, 2022

Thank you for your unconditional love and support! Bring your moms for a family-friendly movement class on Sunday, May 8th, 2022. Join us for Yoga, Belly Dance, Zumba, Hip Hop, Ballroom, or K-Pop classes. All levels welcome! Take some time to move and groove with your loved ones.

Tickets: $20 In-Studio, $15 Livestream, Free for Monthly Unlimited Members, Free for Moms

Use promocode "MothersDay22" at checkout.

Ticket Reservations: Register on MindBody 

Meet the instructors:

Ticket Reservations: Register on MindBody 

Class Schedule Sunday, May 8th, 2022

  • 9am Yoga Flow with Genevieve

  • 10am Beg Belly Dance with Andrea

  • 10am Zumba with Kevin

  • 11am Beg Hip Hop with Kevin

  • 11:15am Int Belly Dance with Andrea

  • 12pm Ballroom Dance Fitness with Belicia

  • 2:20pm Beg/Int K-Pop with Christina

Genevieve Parker

9am-9:45am Yoga Flow [All Levels]

Genevieve has been dancing in a variety of styles since she was a toddler, and practicing yoga regularly since early 2010. She started her ballroom training in 2009 with group classes and then competed in the American Smooth style around the country from 2011-2017.

In both her yoga classes and dance classes, she enjoys creating classes that allow space for exploration of your movement, connecting with your body, and having fun! Genevieve enjoys teaching all levels of students! Modifications are always given to meet you where you are, and she loves to help people grow along their own yoga or dance path.

She is a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance and completed her 200-hour training at Ocean Beach Yoga in 2017. She has taught studio classes, outdoor community classes, and led office yoga classes for former co-workers since 2018. In 2019 she completed training in Restorative Yoga with Nora Benian. Outside of yoga, she is a photographer and has been a life-long dancer (with some time off during college) and brings that body awareness and technical mind to her yoga practice and classes.

Yoga Flow [All Levels]

A yoga flow based class created to motivate and increase flexibility, strength & balance through poses, breathing, music, and meditation. This is a 45min class.

Ticket Reservations: Register on MindBody 

Andrea Sendek

10am-11:10am Beginner Belly Dance [Beg]

11:15am-12:45pm Intermediate Belly Dance [Int]

With a rich background in the performing arts, Andrea Sendek brings a lifetime of passionate involvement in acting, music, and dance to her role as Teacher, Performer, Choreographer, and Director.

Andrea integrates philosophies into her work learned from training and performing, for over 2 decades, belly dance and other dance genres. Andrea began learning belly dance with Mesmera in Los Angeles from 1996-2004. In 2004 she relocated to the Bay Area and began her studies at The Salimpour School of Dance where for 10 years she trained under and assisted both Jamilla & Suhaila Salimpour. Since 2015 Andrea has been learning Arabic drumming and music with Susu Pampanin and Amina Goodyear. In June of 2021, Andrea began studying extensively with Egyptian master Tommy King. She Has taken countless workshops from Egyptian teachers throughout the years some of which include, Dandesh, Yossry El Hefni, Karim Nagi, Tito, Adia Nour, and Mohammed Shahin. Andrea received certificates for completing Shara Saeeda’s Journey Through Egypt courses 1 & 2, her Suhaila Level 4 Advanced Performer Certificate, and her Jamilla Level 3 Certificate.

As a performer, Andrea has an extensive and rich performance background. Some notable performance venues are The Palace of Fine Arts, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Brava Theatre, and The Shelton Theatre. She has performed and taught across the United States and internationally; some highlights of her itinerary include appearances in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, and Chile.

Belly Dance

This class is designed to work out your whole body and also learn belly dance fundamentals, technique, hip isolations, and a choreography combo! Feel free to bring a hip scarf.

Ticket Reservations: Register on MindBody 

Kevin Wong

10am-10:50am Zumba [All Levels]

11am-11:55am Beginner Hip Hop [Beg]

Kevin Wong, from San Francisco, California, is a Dance Major and Education minor graduate from the University of California, Riverside. He has been dancing for eighteen years in Chinese Folk with the Flying Angels Chinese Dance Company. In high school, he was introduced to modern, ballet, jazz, and hip hop by Wendy Jones, founder of the Lowell Dance Company. During his college years, he directed Collective Faction Hip Hop Dance Team, performed in the Gluck Contemporary Dance Ensemble, and supported many of the UCR Dance productions. In addition to his performing body, Kevin has trained his dancing body in modern, ballet, hip hop, West African, Capoeira Angola, improvisation, and breaking. After graduating college, Kevin participated in SAFEhouse Winter 2019 RAW and year-long AIRSPACE residency programs, revitalized the Shawl-Anderson Dance Center Teen Hip Hop classes, and performed with Project M, an all-male hip hop dance team, STEAMROLLER, a contemporary dance group, and with his collaborating partner Mathew Wong. He has been Zumba certified since September 2018 with Zumba Basics 1 and Zumba Kids/Kids Jr. Currently, he is the Artistic Director of Flying Angels Chinese Dance Company, teaches with the HeART with LINES program, and leads weekly adult Choreography and Zumba classes.

Zumba [All Levels]

A fitness party with easy to follow dance steps to form the ultimate calorie-burning experience to Latin beats, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, and Pop music.

Beginner Hip Hop [Beg]

Back to basics with Beginner Hip Hop. Learn the dance skills and techniques to kick off your dance journey. All levels are welcome! Please see the instructor's IG for a better look into choreography and style.

Ticket Reservations: Register on MindBody 

Belicia Tang

12pm-12:45pm Ballroom Dance Fitness [All Levels]

​Belicia was a competitive rhythmic gymnast for 10 years. Growing up, Belicia was heavily trained in ballet and took contortion lessons to supplement her gymnastics. A two-time state champion and member of the 2012 Junior Olympic team, Belicia will always credit gymnastics as her first love. After a knee injury took her out of the sport at 15, she searched for a new passion. In 2015, she discovered Latin Ballroom dancing and fell in love with the performative and expressive nature of the art. She began college at UCLA in 2016, where she explored the prolific commercial dance scene of Los Angeles. In addition to ballroom, she took jazz, jazz funk and heels classes at Playground LA, Edge PAC, and Millennium Dance Complex. After graduating from college in 2019, Belicia returned to her SF Bay Area home and is now dancing, choreographing, and teaching full time. She is certified as a LaBlast Fitness instructor, which is partner-free ballroom dancing formatted for fitness. Belicia has taught this class for the past 3 years and is excited to bring ballroom fitness to Rae Studios.

Ballroom Dance Fitness [All Levels]

Ballroom Dance Fitness is a cardio dance and fitness program based on all of the ballroom dances you see on Dancing with the Stars (cha-cha, samba, rumba, jive, waltz, tango, salsa, and more). Created by DWTS professional Louis Van Amstel, it is partner-free, incorporates fitness elements into ballroom dance figures, and uses music from every era & genre.

Ticket Reservations: Register on MindBody 

Christina Nguyen

2:20pm-3:30pm K-Pop [Beg/Int]

Christina Nguyen, a Bay Area native, began her dancing at the age of 14. She dove into her training full-force, indulging in a variety of techniques including ballet, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, heels, and modern dance. She received her BA in Dance in 2019, from San Francisco State University School of Theatre and Dance. During her time at SF State, Christina had become a company member of San Francisco State’s University Dance Theater for 3 consecutive years, allotting her final senior year as UDT Student Director. Christina had the opportunity of debuting her first professional dance performance with Stabat Mater and Mad Brass as a part of Garrett+Moulton Productions's movement choir in 2018. She’s since then moved on to training with renowned dancer and choreographer, Galen Hooks, and is a Galen Hooks Method Alumni.

Currently, she is dancing with Eclipse K-Pop and regularly rehearses and films public K-Pop dance covers. Working towards crafting her dance identity, Christina aims to pursue a life centered around the importance of dancing, creating, and sharing art with one another.

K-Pop [Beg/Int]

Beginner / Intermediate K-Pop is open to all levels. This class is for you if you want to feel like you are starring in your own K-Pop MV. This class will highlight some choreography from some of your favorite K-Pop Idols(e.g., Twice, BTS, Blackpink, etc). This class will be taught in a progressive, stacked manner (adding choreography in by 4 counts).

Ticket Reservations: Register on MindBody 

Event Details:

Spotlight Artist: Genevieve Parker, Andrea Sendek, Kevin Wong, Belicia Tang, Christina Nguyen

Date: Sunday, May 8th, 2022

Class Schedule:

  • 9am Yoga Flow with Genevieve

  • 10am Beg Belly Dance with Andrea

  • 10am Zumba with Kevin

  • 11am Beg Hip Hop with Kevin

  • 11:15am Int Belly Dance with Andrea

  • 12pm Ballroom Dance Fitness with Belicia

  • 2:20pm Beg/Int K-Pop with Christina

Location: In-Studio at Rae Studios 414 Mason St. 705, San Francisco, CA 94102 or Livestream via ZOOM

Tickets: $20 In-Studio, $15 Livestream, Free for Monthly Unlimited Members, Free for Moms

Use promocode "MothersDay22" at checkout.

Ticket Reservations: Register on MindBody 
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