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Meet the New Instructors for 2022 Season 1

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Happy New Year Rae Studios Family! We're super excited to launch our Quarter 1 2022 schedule with a roar!

Let's give a warm welcome to our new instructors joining us in Season 1, 2022. We have some new instructors joining us for the first time. As some may know, most of our teachers have been with us for many years and are ready for new adventures. A few of our local teachers have moved to other cities. Other instructors are continuing to expand in their art/field of wellness like opening up new brick and mortars, expanding their teaching careers, or venturing into other lifestyles. Either way, we are always so excited to watch our teachers in every step of their lives.

We are so thankful for every instructor who's dedicated their time, energy to share their wellness education and artistry over the past 11 years. Let's continue to show our support to our teachers by giving them some extra attention. Try out a class, share an IG story, bring a friend and be prepared to MOVE YOUR BODY. Dance and Fitness for all.

Welcome 2022 Season 1 teachers ❤️ Check out the video reel from our most recent photoshoot by Genevieve Parker and Robbie Gomez. Edited by Robbie.

Get the full schedule and sign up today: RSVP TODAY


Kevin Saicheur Locking [Beg/Int] Tuesdays 6:30pm PT In-Studio @kgscyther

Kevin Saicheur started dancing back in 2007, with breakdance in high school with friends and learning from YouTube. However, he decided to take dance more seriously after sneaking into sessions with the UC Davis Breakdance and Popping club in 2008. Since then, Kevin has learned various other styles from popping, hip hop, locking, and house. He also had many opportunities to train and dance alongside many amazing companies and individuals such as Brian “Lil B” Perez, Keeley “Lockn’ Key” Kaukimoce, Brandon “Knowbody” Greathouse, FunktionPoint, and the Bay Area Lockers. Kevin values freestyling, its foundations, the culture, and history behind them; and believe that everyone should learn from it.

Locking [Beg/Int]

This is a technique, choreography, and freestyle based class teaching the fundamentals and history of Locking. Students will learn the foundation, techniques, and applied concepts of the funk-style street dance known as Locking. Students will also be learning the history of this dance from its origins in Los Angles and its founder and creator, Don Campbell, to understanding the origins of its movements and how it came to be while learning its application in both choreography and freestyle.


Shana Abraham Intermediate Hip Hop [Intermediate] Wednesdays 7:30pm PT In-Studio @shana.abraham

Shana has loved dancing since the first time she went on stage at the age of 5. While she grew up training in Indian classical arts (like Bharatanatyam) and Bollywood/South Indian Cinematic dancing, she started experimenting with hip hop in middle school and trained further in college. At 23, she has been teaching beginner to intermediate choreography for the last 7 years to all ages and dance levels, and directed and choreographed for multiple dance teams and performances across the country for the past few years.

As for her choreography, Shana draws inspiration from the diverse training she received growing up, and loves adding a bit of cultural flavor by using music from all over the world, like R&B, reggaeton, Afrobeats, and dancehall. She pulls from commercial hip hop while incorporating grooves and foundations. Outside of teaching, Shana loves training in hip hop foundations and other styles of dance like contemporary to expand her artistic knowledge, discipline, and technique.

Above all else, her class aims to create a fun, welcoming space for people to experience the joy dance can bring, whether it’s their first time dancing or their thousandth!

Intermediate Hip Hop [Intermediate]

A bridge between intermediate and advanced choreography. We will introduce you to more complex techniques and concepts such as textures and musicality. This class will help push you out of your comfort zone and expand your dance vocabulary.


Annie Sears Barre Sculpt [All Levels] Thursdays 5:30pm PT Hybrid

Annie’s favorite thing is facilitating space for folks to feel embodied — fully present in themselves, fully aware of the ways they are growing stronger and more capable, and fully delighting in the unique goodness of their individual body. She does this full-time as a theater and dance teacher for Because Justice Matters, a nonprofit in the Tenderloin that is building pathways to brighter futures for women and girls. Part-time, she teaches barre and Pilates classes, having been certified through MNTstudio under Elaine Hayes’ leadership. She looks forward to moving with you!

Barre Sculpt [All Levels]

Sculpt, lengthen and tone in this low-impact Barre class which oscillates between building up heat using strength exercises and lengthening the muscles using dynamic stretches and yoga-inspired movements. Class uses free weights, resistance bands, and gliders. No shoes, no sock


Archana Ramesh BollyX [All Levels] Thursdays 6:30pm PT HYBRID

Archana Ramesh started dancing when she was 3, enamored by Bollywood, and has been performing for as long as she can remember. She has been trained in classical Indian dance - Bharatnatyam - from a young age. In college, she competed in national competitions and led a Bollywood dance team. As a certified BollyX instructor for the past 5 years, she loves bringing her passion for Bollywood and dance to her classes. Archana sees dance as freedom and a pursuit for constant learning.

BollyX [All Levels]

A Bollywood cardio dance fitness class inspired and driven by the heart-pumping, energetic rhythms of Bollywood. The class embodies dynamic choreography and easy-to-follow dance aerobics. Learn the origins and vocabulary of traditional Bollywood dance steps in this all-level class.


Natalie Sklovskaya Performance Jazz [Beg/Int] Saturdays 10:00am PT IN-STUDIO Heels [Beg/Int] Saturdays 11:00am PT IN-STUDIO

Natalie was born and raised in San Francisco and began her dance journey at age 4 attending Genesis Ballroom Dance Studio. She continued ballroom dancing until age 12 where she switched to Jazz and Hip Hop dance styles. While attending UC Davis, she was a member of Agape Dance Team, where she choreographed performances, helped lead practices, and taught dance workshops. Upon graduating, Natalie was a member of Str8jacket dance team. She is passionate about creating a welcoming dance environment for all students, regardless of their experience level and focuses on emphasizing technique and performance in her classes.

Performance Jazz [Beg/Int]

A choreography-based high-energy jazz class focused on technique with an emphasis on performance.

Heels [Beg/Int]

A choreographed dance class. Unleash your divine femininity through storytelling, confidence building, and empowered dance choreography. Class includes heels technique, across-the-floor combos, tricks, and floor work. Music video vibes, dress to impress! Knee pads recommended.


Genevieve Parker Flow and Restore [All Levels] Sundays 9:00am PT HYBRID

Genevieve has been practicing yoga regularly since early 2010. She enjoys creating classes that allow space for exploration of your limits, a sense of play, a sense of calm - and overall a safe space to come to your mat and reconnect with your mind and body. Genevieve enjoys teaching all levels of students! Modifications are always given to meet you where you are, and she loves to help people grow along their own yoga path.

She is a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance and completed her 200-hour training at Ocean Beach Yoga in 2017. She has taught studio classes, outdoor community classes, and led office yoga classes for former co-workers since 2018. In 2019 she completed training in Restorative Yoga with Nora Benian. Outside of yoga, she is a photographer and has been a life-long dancer (with some time off during college) and brings that body awareness and technical mind to her yoga practice and classes.

Flow and Restore [All Levels]

This class is a dynamic mix of a moderately paced vinyasa flow followed by calming restorative yoga created to relieve stress, uplift the spirit, and get you feeling like your best self, inside and out! Classes will provide a non-judgemental space to look within while being guided through a physical practice, all tied together with some awesome beats! Class is open to all levels, modifications happily given and sometimes suggested just in case you’ve never tried them. Yoga can be a great addition to your dance practice to enhance your body awareness, gain flexibility (though really, you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga!), or simply give yourself some meditative movement time.


Stephen Dan Int/Adv Choreo [All Levels] Sundays 12:00pm PT IN-STUDIO

Stephen Dan grew up in Bowie, MD, and started dancing in high school learning street styles such as Popping, Waving, and Tutting. He then received his Bachelor’s in Dance from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a focus on composition. While studying at UMBC he also joined Urban Choreography teams Major Definition and Culture Shock, where he furthered his studies in street styles while also expanding to Hip Hop and Krump. He recently just returned from China where he received the opportunity to compete in a street dance show. As an educator, he prefers to focus on foundations and self-exploration as dancers, ensuring that his students can find their individual styles and become their own artists.

Int/Adv Choreo [Int/Adv]

A choreography-based dance class utilizing various street and studio style movements. We will introduce you to more complex techniques and concepts such as textures and musicality. This class will help push you out of your comfort zone and expand your dance vocabulary.



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