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🎉 Fall/Winter Group Class Schedule is here!

THE FALL/WINTER SEASON IS HERE! We're back for Q4 in the final stretch of an amazing year!

Introducing our Fall/Winter 23 schedule starting October 1st featuring over 40+ classes and 35 instructors. This season will be bringing you all the holiday classes starting off with spooky interior decor, themed classes and speciality holiday workshops. Be sure to keep us with our monthly special events calendar for Spotlight Classes.

A big Thank you to our past instructors who will no longer be teaching at Rae Studios. We at Rae Studios always value our instructors and honor their growth as they continue to transition in life. For veteran and new teachers starting July 1st 2023, we are excited to start another quarter celebrating and highlighting your craft. Let's continue to support our local teachers this quarter by showing up ready to create new and memorable experiences. Just a reminder, every little action goes a long way. Bring a friend to class, write a testimonial, share your experience on your social channel or just tell an instructor about your gratitude. Most importantly, enjoy yourself. Rae Studios is here to build, educate and create.

Now, let's welcome to our Fall/Winter 23 Instructor Roster! ❤

Full instructor page: here


Kris Shein (he/him) Jazz Funk [Int/Adv] Wednesdays, 7:45pm @kris_shein_official

Kristian Shein is a Jazz Funk, Hip Hop, and Contemporary Dancer. He has been dancing professionally for 12 years and passionately since 4 years. He was born in Latvia where he received his dance education. He came to America from Moscow where he worked with many dance teams and was the director of his own dance team. He has worked on television, performing with singers and night clubs. In choreography, and in working with people, he focuses on emotions. To dance with the soul and create positive, that’s his position.

“Live this life, enjoy the moment, and do not forget to smile”


Valeria Bernal (she/her)

Reggaeton [Beg/Int]

Thurdays, 7:45pm

Valeria Bernal (she/her) is an instructor and choreographer from Panama City, Panama and currently resides in San Francisco, CA. Since she was three years old, Valeria trained classical techniques such as ballet, modern, jazz, and tap at the Academia de Danzas Steps. As an adult, she trained with other studios that specialized in ballroom dancing, latin styles, dancehall, reggaetón and hip-hop in both her hometown and the US. She is passionate about teaching dance and sharing her lively and cheerful energy with others in any city she resides. The teaching style and choreographies that Valeria creates prioritizes the dancer’s experience. She creates a space for all to identify their strengths, explore their individuality, and develop self-confidence.


JanJan Chan (she/her)

Jazz [Beginner]

Fridays, 6:30pm

JanJan (any pronouns) is a movement artist, born and raised in the Bay Area. They’ve been training in various styles, including ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, and more for over 10 years now. Their love of teaching started when they use to do club swimming and would teach the younger students on as a side job. Although leaving behind their years and dedication of studio training, you can still find JanJan always eager to challenge themself by learning and training in new styles. Their number one priority will always be creating a safe and fun space whenever teaching, allowing dancers to not be afraid to trying new things and let dance be therapeutic.

JanJan started their dance journey at the age of 6. They’ve trained all over the Bay Area, primarily with Westlake School of Preforming Arts, West Coast Dance Conservatory, Krazy 8, and Poise’n Brigade. Recently, they have also had the opportunity to be a part of Alee Martinez’s “Don’t Play With It” music video, RedBull’s Dance Your Style, and Body Rock’s Ressecution. JanJan has taught at all over the Bay Area, including for CY Danceworks, West Coast Dance Conservatory, Heart Beat Dance Academy, and Saint Francis High School.

Along with dancing, you might also know JanJan from their online content on several social media platforms and their writing as an author. They are very excited to see what’s in store as a movement artist and will always be so grateful for all the opportunities they have been a part of and more to encounter. They can’t wait to see all of you grow!


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