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Let the construction and remodeling begin! Hope you all our enjoying our new dance floor as they have been re If you haven't seen the beautiful floors yet, you have to come take a class on these brand new floors. A quick note though, no heels will be allowed in Studio 2 (ballroom shoes, sneakers, socks, and bare-feet are welcome). Let's give huge thanks to our previous Studio 2 floors for us to dance on over the last 8 years, and let's welcome our new beginnings.

Studio 3 was originally our costume center. We've taken over a smaller space next to the Studio 2 lobby and have moved the costumes into this space called Rae Costumes. To celebrate our last hoorah for costumes, we are having BIG COSTUME BLOWOUT SALE starting October 10th with our costumes, props, decorations, wigs, jewelry, and other great finds. Keep your eye out for more information on when and come by and get your next halloween costume, festival outfit, or something fun!

To replace our fantastic costume center, Rae Studios is building STUDIO 3 "CREATIVE LAB." That's right! Soon we'll be offering a third space designed creative meetings, privates and rentals. Feel free to snatch a quick glance of the process before/after your next class. Here's a bts, feel free to watch our IG Story for more insights.

As a result, we'd like to apologize in advanced for the mess in Studio 2's lobby. We plan to renovate our Studios and Lobby to include a reception, storage and fine tune the studios. Excuse the mess and noise as we are moving and shifting with these coming months. Expected completion date: December 2019

Check out the concept board and let us know what you're excited to see!

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