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Meet Our Studio Hosts!

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Say Hi to our wonderful Studio Hosts!

Whether it's documenting classes, checking in students or simply building community, our hosts make sure everyday that things run smoothly and that each day is more fun and inviting than the last! Scroll down to learn more about our fabulous hosts.


Ybarbo Cabrera (They/Them)

Hi RAE Crew! My name is Ybarbo (Bar) Cabrera and I've been a host here at RAE off and on for about a year and a half. I'm originally from Houston, Texas and I've lived in the Bay Area for almost three years now. When I'm not busy working at RAE Studios or finishing up my International Relations degree at SFSU you can find me: reading a good book (or comic), hiking or just generally spending time out in nature, binging Star Wars/Star Trek, making tamales, globetrotting and getting into all kinds of shenanigans while doing so, and most often hanging out with my friends and family. A couple of fun facts about me: I've been bitten by a dingo, I've climbed Pikes Peak, and I've traveled to 10 countries. What I love most about working at RAE studios is all the wonderful relationships I've been able to build and cherish while working here, this community is big and beautiful and I'm happy to be a part of it. Thanks y'all and call me when Brazilian Pop is back on the schedule. <3


Tashi Cowan (She/Her)

Hi everyone my name is Tashi!I hail from the sleepy town of Lagunitas, CA. An hour northwest of Frisco. Country girl turnedcity girl! I'm jane of all trades! Amateur stand up comedien, dancer, artist, and burgeoning videographer. I have Bachelor's in History and Politics but I don't want to be a teacher lol. My interests and hobbies change all the time but I love dancing and stand up comedy. Two of the loves of my life besides my mom.I love working at Rae Studios because of the community and the welcoming atmosphere ❤️ Not many other dance studios are like this in SF, and I like coming to work and seeing how happy people are after taking a class.


Rhealyn Serrano (She/Her)

Hi, I'm Rhealyn! I've lived in the Bay Area my whole life and take a lot of pride of where I come from. Being born and raised in San Jose, CA and then moved to the SF/DC area for college. I have studied Business Management and Asian American Studies and want it to align with my future in catering to my communities and passions. I have a love for all different kinds of art whether it be music, dance, fashion, design- I find it all beautiful! I also enjoy doing arts and crafts, DIY projects, and decorating space to make them my own. Being creative and hands on has something that has helped me express myself my whole life and continues to carry a spark in me in whatever I do. I love working at Rae Studios because I get to help be a part of a team that is genuine and caring towards the community. I love being able to feel people's energy in every class and the connections that are made with everyone who walks through the doors. It's definitely a safe space that I'm grateful to be a part of!


Risa Ono (She/Her)

HiI’m Risa! TOKYO native, moved to SF from NY at the end of 2022!! My passion is to express myself through many ways such as fashion, dance, writing and talking! I love connecting people which makes me motivated. Currently I’ve started a fashion coach business for helping people from my country to enjoy and be free to express their own unique way through fashion! Creativity is medicine and healing for me. My interests and hobbies include Dance, Musical, Thrifting, Fashion, Journal, Self-reflection, Creating contents and Disney parks! The people I work and connect with are just amazing!! When I found Rae Studios my very first time in November 2022, Immediately I thought “Omg! I wanna work here! I should be part of this community!”. Then I decided to be off to SF from NY to see Rae family! I am so lucky to be a studio host and get to know you! Let’s grow each other through Rae community☆・:*


OUR MISSION is to merge the ideologies of popular dance culture by BRIDGING fitness gym and traditional dance studio mentality into a place that WELCOME ALL LEVELS of dance & fitness in a healthy, progressive environment. OUR GOAL is to provide San Francisco dance seekers with COMMUNITY, growth, and participation through ARTISTIC outlets of MUSIC + MOVEMENT. Our culture is simple; create a space for DANCE and community to THRIVE, water the roots of our PASSION, fuel our DREAMS by action, and INSPIRE others to do the same.


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