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RECAP | Waacking Fundamentals w/ G-Funk | Hosted by More Than Movement

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

On behalf of all of us at Rae Studios' More Than Movement, we want to thank everyone who attended Waacking Fundamentals with G-Funk (she/her). We are grateful for all of our students that expressed themselves through this beautiful dance form and exuded confidence through the various drills and choreography! Thank you to G-Funk for sharing her artistry and wisdom with our dancers. We can't wait to host more Waacking workshops with her!

G-Funk focused on the following Waacking techniques and concepts before teaching a fun combo:

  • Waacking Fundamentals

  • Isolations

  • Poses

  • Musicality

  • Grooves

  • Performance

  • Across the Floors

During the first half of the workshop, G-Funk broke down the basic techniques through various drills, across the floors, and activities that focused on poses, musicality, and character (who doesn't want to dance like a secret agent?!). In the last part of the workshop, G-Funk taught a fun choreography to "Therapy" by Cerrone before closing with a Q&A.

You can find more information about Waacking on our More Than Movement Resource Google Document.

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Our Teacher: Gail "G-Funk" Burks (she/her)

  • Bi-Weekly Waacking Classes on Saturdays from 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM at The Cave in Fremont, CA

Event Staff: Lexi (she/her) and Kristie (she/her) of the More Than Movement Committee

Operations Team: Jessica Rae (she/her), Diamond Thrower (she/her), JJ Ghera (they/them), and Andy Blake (he/him).

Photos/Videos found here! Tag: @raestudiossf , @g_funkdafied , @lexinut7 (photographer), and @angryjazzhands (videographer) #MoreThanMovement


-Past Event Workshop-

About the workshop: Waacking/Whacking is a dance style birthed out of the gay club scene in LA during the 1970s by queer men of color. In this class, we will cover history, drill techniques, experiment with freestyle exercises, and bring everything together in a choreographed routine. Led by the amazing Gail "G-Funk" Burks (she/her), students will gain knowledge of this dance's legacy along with tools to apply what they learned so that they can foster their own individual style!

Date: Saturday, November 12th | 3:30pm - 5:30pm PT

Location: Rae Studios, 414 Mason St. 705, San Francisco, CA 94102

Hosted by the More Than Movement Committee. Learn more about their work.

Tickets: Register on Eventbrite or using your MindBody App.

Workshop Details:

Date/Time: Saturday, November 12th | 3:30pm - 5:30pm PT

Ticket Options:

  • $35 Early-Bird

  • $45 General

  • $50 Drop-In

#DanceforAll -Want to do marketing, admin, or operations work for Rae Studios in exchange for workshop credit? Email to learn more about our Work Exchange program.

Registration is required for this event. Proof of vaccination is required.


Meet G-Funk:

Gail "G-Funk" Burks (she/her) is a Bay Area-based performing artist and educator who hails from Chicago. A lover of dance who has studied multiple styles, Waacking is one of her main specialties. Since entering the Bay Area street dance scene in 2012, Gail has learned from various pioneers and leaders in addition to traveling to connect with other communities.

She has performed, battled, choreographed, and taught in the States and internationally along with placing in competitions such as Freestyle Session LA and Hualien B-Boy City. Gail has experience behind-the-scenes as an organizer as well such as being one of the lead coordinators for Mix’d Ingrdnts’ Waackers of the Galaxy jam in 2016.

Her other credits include Bae Rooted Waacking Committee, EXP Dance Crew workshop instructor at UC Berkeley, All the Way Live Taiwan 2019, Mix'd Ingrdnts, and many more!

Some of G-Funk's Notable Highlights Include: Tacos & Turntables 2014 Waacking Champion (San Jose, CA) Freestyle Session LA 2017 Waacking Semifinalist (Los Angeles, CA) Hualien B-Boy City 2019 All Styles 3v3 - Top 8 (Taiwan) Bliss Dance Festival 2021 - Featured Choreographer/Performer (Bay Area, CA) Winter 2021 Waacking Skillshop Instructor at Full Out Studios (Oakland, CA) Elevate Your Craft 2022 Waacking Finalist (Orlando, FL)

Follow on IG: @g_funkdafied

Tickets: Register on Eventbrite or using your MindBody App.

Registration and proof of vaccination are required for this event.

Tickets: Register on Eventbrite or using your MindBody App.

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