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Week 7: Shelter-in-place | Ticket Updates

General Ticket Prices moving up to $10 to ensure Artist Compensation

Hi Everyone!

We are officially in our seventh week of quarantine. As some of you know, Mayor London Breed has given the latest COVID-19 update in San Francisco after signing a joint jurisdiction with other Bay Area counties, to extend the shelter-in-place order until June 1st. (Read more here) As we continue to move forward, we, as a small business and as artists, are fighting between a large barrier: increase our ticket price points to ensure instructor and staff compensation or lose potential customers / revenue.

We originally created this platform to give something back to our community and instructors. But as we continue to progress through shelter-in-place, we have to look around and realize that this is the new normal. We created the $8 price point as a way to be considerate of everyone's financial need. But the honest truth is that we are a business, cannot sustain this business model without proper ticketing. Our normal drop-in rate before COVID-19 was $22. Starting Friday, May 1st 2020, we will be increasing our online price to a $10 General Single-Ticket and $15+ for Spotlight Tickets to best provide for our teachers and operational needs. This new price model is available to view here on our services website.

We understand that a jump like this may affect reservations, PLEASE, if you cannot afford a class, we ask that you kindly reach out. At the end of the day, we are artists and we want to see artists grow. We will be creating and offering an "ARTIST WORK TRADE". Please continue to check the website this week for details.

As far as the funds that raised through, we want to say a huge thank you for everyone that contributed. We've used the funds to keep the lights on during the first initial few weeks, and it has helped us tremendously. To our volunteer hosts, your smiles and efforts have been instrumental in keeping the business running. We are so lucky to have such an amazing supportive community.

We hope for your understanding as we make ticketing adjustments over the next few days.


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