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How To Register For Online Live Streaming & House Rules:

Updated: Apr 22, 2020


Hi Students,

Thank you for continuing to support our classes!

Here are your directions for signing up to our Live Streaming Class:

1. Make sure to log onto Wifi for clear video streaming.

2. Create a Zoom account ( *if you are new to Zoom (You can either download Zoom app on your laptop or app on your phone. *Note: There are 2 versions of the app for phone and that they both work)

3. Prepare your Devices for class setup:

  • Set up your device so that you can see the teacher

  • Set up your device to a speaker or to your headsets

  • Turn your mic on to MUTE when the class starts so that it doesn’t interfere with the instructors microphone.

4. Management will send links for Zoom link to our students 10 minutes prior to each class. Make sure to check your email that’s attached to your MindBody account.

5. Please prepare your room for your dance or workout class. These classes are between 20-60mins: Please defer to your mindbody for any props or class additional notes sometime after 3/18.

Clear room to move & shake!

Here are a few house rules for joining our online community:

  • Be sure to check your spam folder for the Zoom link, if you cannot find the link.

  • Please do not share your link! The online platform was created not only to unite the community through shelter-in-place, but also to support our instructors.

  • We will be removing students that arrive in our virtual classes that are not listed on Mindbody. Be sure to message the moderator before class begins if your Zoom account name does not match your name on Mindbody.

  • Be sure to sign in early! We check in students (just like in the studio) and we want to be sure to mark your attendance prior to class.

  • Double-check the class you sign up for when registering online. We will not be issuing refunds during the shelter-in-place.

  • If there are two or more people using one device for a class, be sure to purchase a household ticket. This will allow attendance for you and your household for a single class.


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