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2023 New Year Instructor Roster

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Are you ready for the ultimate dance schedule. More classes, elevated instructor roster and specialized classes including Vogue, Waacking, Afro House!

As we come closer to finishing our year, we'd like to say a big Thank you to our teachers, staff and community members who continue to show each other support. We enter the new year, we'd like to take a moment to show gratitude for this past year. 2022 had so many ups and downs transitioning between many COVID related transitions. We went from virtual, in-studio, hybrid, social distancing, limited classes, closures and re-openings. Yet, our teachers, staff and community kept pushing forward with nothing but smiling faces. For that, we at Rae Studios share our sincere humbled appreciation. Everyone's day to day actions add up and contribute to the larger picture. Continuing to keep our doors open.

For our 2022 teachers that are not able to continue, Thank you for your time and energy shared with our community. You will be missed but not forgotten! For veteran and new teachers starting January 1st 2023, we are excited to start another year celebrating and highlighting your craft. On February 11th 2023 we will celebrate our 12th year anniversary, and we are filled with gratitude to enter another year with open arms. Let's support to our local teachers this year by showing up ready to create new and memorable experiences. Just a reminder, everything little action goes a long way. Bring a friend to class, write a testimonial, share your experience on your social channel or just tell an instructor about your gratitude. Most importantly, enjoy yourself. Rae Studios is here to build, educate and create.

Now, let's give a warm welcome to our Veteran and New Instructors!

Full instructor page: here


Amber Nicole (she/her) Afro House [Beg/Int] Mondays 7:45pm PT @create.elevate

Born and raised in the Bay, a professional dancer of over 20 years whose style is often described as fierce and groovy. Her background and primary training are in Hip Hop and House, and she considers herself a freestyle dancer with an emphasis on somatic healing. She started dancing in Mix'd Ingrdnts Dance Company in 2013, and she was a primary multidisciplinary artist of over 7 years with Embodiment Project. She was the Artistic Director and co-founder of the first teen hip hop dance crew, Seeds, at ODC school and is currently a performing arts professor at USF.

She believes that dance is medicine and a tool in moving and exchanging deep rooted energy in order to heal, make change and exude dynamic forms of visual expression.


Ki To (he/him)

K-Pop [Int/Adv]

Tuesdays 6:30pm PT

Jazz Funk [Int/Adv]

Tuesdays 7:45pm PT

“Come as you are.”

At the age of 18, Bay Area native Ki To (He/Him/They), moved to LA with only two suitcases and a dream. Ki To knew he wanted to be a part of the industry when Ki To was co-leader of the Jazz/Hip-hop dance program and joined clubs like Choreo and KPOP. In Los Angeles, he trained at studios such as Playground LA, EDGE, and was briefly a dance assistant/intern at Ruts Studios (Formerly known as Urban LA.) After building a portfolio in both dance and modeling, Ki To now works full-time as a dancer, dance instructor, and model with his main agency. (RAE) He currently teaches KPOP (Intermediate, both ORIGINALS and covers.) This class focuses on kpop dance and lipsyncing/facials. He also teaches Jazz Funk (Int/Adv.) which focuses on movement quality, confidence, and power/stamina. Ki To's goal is to host a safe space to teach people how to crush the stage, and give them the tools to dance with an aura.

Ki To has danced for the “King of Viet-Pop” Aka Son Tung in a MV, Hilton, Genentech, WAYMO and modeled for brands such as BENEFIT Cosmetics, EM Cosmetics, Google etc.


Kaitlin "Kait" Skye (she/her)

Stretch & Flexibility [All Levels] Wednesdays 5:30pm PT @k8skye

Kait Skye is a Chicago-area native performer, educator, and choreographer currently living in San Francisco. Dance has always been a part of her life; she began dancing before kindergarten and her passion for dance only grew larger over the years. She continued broadening her training across all genres through college including hip hop, ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, pointe, partnering, and more. She has a long list of training and teaching experiences including Hip Hop ConnXion HQ of which she was a company member for 11 years as well as teaching and directing at Synergy Dance Academy/M3 Dance (formerly Chicago Ballet Conservatory) for the past 6 years prior to moving to San Francisco. Kait’s biggest passion within dance is teaching - she loves passing on her knowledge to other artists and helping them become the best versions of themselves, both personally and professionally.


Diamond Jarrell (she/her)

DRENCHED! [All Levels] Fridays 5:30pm PT

Diamond (she/her) was born and raised in San Diego, CA. At the age of 18 she moved to San Francisco to pursue a degree in Fine Arts. Throughout her time in the city she has grown as an artist and has look to explore many avenues of creativity and expanding her artistry. Diamond’s journey as a dancer began in late September, 2021 when she became a Studio Host at Rae Studios. Since her time she has grown as a dancer and is still looking to push her education. As she looks to find her voice as a dancer she continuously grows appreciation for multiple different forms, styles and cultures. Diamond currently teaches and trains as one of instructors for DRENCHED! Eventually she would like to see herself grow as a choreographer and freestyle performer.


Soho Labeija Vogue [Beg/Int] Fridays 7:45pm PT In-Studio

Soho(He/Him) was born in Monterey, Ca. Growing up a military brat, he moved around a lot which made his mother enroll him into dance classes to help find friends. From there his love of dance grew. Trained in hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, some ballet, house & vogue. He used his versatility in different styles of dance, to book his very first professional gig in NYC during fashion week with designer Balmain. He also danced behind the Backstreet Boys for the intermission/ending performance for that same runway show. Casted on season 3(2022) of HBO Max hit series Legendary(Competitive Vogue/dance competition) as the house father for “ The Royal House of LaBeija”. Danced in LGBTQ Pride campaign with Facebook/Meta featuring the house of LaBeija. His dance goals and aspirations are to travel the world and inspire those who cannot inspire themselves through movement and feeling.


Gail "G-Funk" Burkes (she/her) Waacking [Beg/Int] Saturdays 12:45pm PT

Gail "G-Funk" Burks is a Bay Area-based performing artist and educator who hails from Chicago. A lover of dance who has studied multiple styles, Waacking is one of her main specialties. Since entering the Bay Area street dance scene in 2012, Gail has learned from various pioneers and leaders in addition to traveling to connect with other communities. She has performed, battled, choreographed, and taught in the States and internationally along with placing in competitions such as Freestyle Session LA and Hualien B-Boy City. Gail has experience behind-the-scenes as an organizer as well such as being one of the lead coordinators for Mix’d Ingrdnts’ Waackers of the Galaxy jam in 2016. Her other credits include Bae Rooted Waacking Committee, EXP Dance Crew workshop instructor at UC Berkeley, All the Way Live Taiwan 2019, Mix'd Ingrdnts, and many more


Sammy Bruce (she/her) Hip Hop [Int/Adv] Sundays 12:35pm PT

Contemporary [Int/Adv]

Sammy Bruce is originally from Portland, Oregon, where she trained in many styles of dance including; contemporary, hip hop, ballet, jazz, & musical theater. She has been dancing since the age of 6 and competitively from elementary school through high school. She placed 1st at World of Dance Seattle 2016 as a member of her hip hop team RAW. She danced with Madison Beer for Velocity Dance Convention Nationals in 2018.


Ajanma Singh (she/her)

Yoga [All Levels]

Sundays 10:00am PT

Ajanma has been practicing yoga for 8+ years and teaching for the last 1 and a half years. She conducts her own group, private in-person as well as online classes. My area of interest is Ashtanga vinyasa(Primary and Secondary series), Vinyasa, and Pranayama with mindfulness. Mentioned interest area works on strength and flexibility with moving meditation. She did her teacher training in Rishikesh, India, and has also done teacher training in Antigravity Yoga (Level 1) and assisted for 5 months in Pune, India. Along with being a yoga instructor, She currently works as an IT Professional and belly dancer.

She creates yoga flows or sequences as per the student's requirement and level of practice. Ajanma truly believes Yoga is for everyone, for all levels and she brings the same intention to class and provides various options and encourages yoga props usage. She believes that learning never stops so she continues to learn and try to bring new ways to enter in particular asanas and pose for benefits.


Kemari Harris (he/him)

Smooth N' Sexy Choreo [Beg/Int]

Sundays 1:50pm PT

Kemari Ken Harris is an African American choreographer, creative director, model and business owner. Born and raised in San Pablo, CA and currently reside in Oakland California. Kemari's first dance lessons were in front of his family performing with Tevin Campbell, Michael Jackson and James Brown. He was always told to come do this song or do this move once he started it was no letting up lol. Being born in a very musical family Kemari always had a love for music, singing, and dancing, dancing most of all. From elementary to high school Kemari was a part of several dance groups and always was the last man standing. In high school he created his own dance team at school along with his two younger brothers competing in local talent shows taking home first, second, and third place trophies. In his early adult years he wanted to be more behind the scenes so he started coaching cheer and majorette dancing which led up to him teaching dance classes throughout the Bay Area in local studios. One of his biggest accomplishments was his video being chosen to be on Beyoncé's I Am World tour amongst several other great and talented dancers. Looking to make a huge difference in the dance world starting with building confidence and self love in each person he comes across. Catch Kemari every Sunday at 7:45 at Rae Studios.


Looking to be a part of our instructor roster, staff, intern? Visit our careers page for further opportunity. And Thank you for your interest.


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