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Meet the New Instructors for 2022 Season 3 + Updates

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Summer is here Rae Studios Family! We're super excited to launch our Quarter 3 2022 schedule with a roar!

Let's give a warm welcome to our new instructors joining us in Season 3, 2022. We have some new instructors joining us for the first time. As some may know, most of our teachers have been with us for many years and are ready for new adventures. A few of our local teachers have moved to other cities. Other instructors are continuing to expand in their art/field of wellness by opening up new brick and mortars, expanding their teaching careers, or venturing into other lifestyles. Either way, we are always so excited to watch our teachers in every step of their lives.

We are so thankful for every instructor who's dedicated their time, energy to share their wellness education and artistry over the past 11 years. Let's continue to show our support to our teachers by giving them some extra attention. Try out a class, share an IG story, bring a friend and be prepared to MOVE YOUR BODY. Dance and Fitness for all.

Welcome 2022 Season 3 teachers ❤️ Check out the video reel from our recent photoshoot by Genevieve Parker and Robbie Gomez. Edited by Robbie.

Get the full schedule and sign up today: RSVP TODAY


Our in-studio class prices are returning to the pre-pandemic rate starting July 1st. Single class tickets are increasing from $20 to $22. Livestream rates will remain the same. We are bringing back the Same-Day Double-Up ticket option. Take two in-studio classes on the same day for $40.


Allison Parker H.I.I.T. [All Levels] Mondays 5:30pm PT Hybrid @allisonjparker_

More about Allison coming soon.

H.I.I.T. [All Levels]

Tone up and get your body into shape with high intensity interval training. This class also includes the fundamentals of resistance training. Each workout consists of cardio, core, and strength intervals for a true full body workout. Designed to spike your heart rate with bursts of intensity followed by brief rest periods. You'll also learn basic strength training techniques and learn how to properly lift.


JJ Ghera Street Jazz [Intermediate / Advanced]

Tuesdays 8:35pm PT In-Studio @jjthekillah

JJ Ghera is a non-binary native Bay Area dancer/performer and choreographer. They have trained all over the world from Los Angeles to New York to London, most notably at places such as Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, Millennium Dance Complex, Studio 68, Pineapple Dance Studio, and most recently The Yanis Marshall Heels Intensive and Broadway Dance Center’s Training Program. Their training consists of various dance styles such as Hip-Hop, Jazz, Street Jazz, Contemporary, and Heels. JJ’s professional dance career has led him to work with Little Mix, Rebecca Ferguson, Aaron Carter, Xavier Toscano, Adobe, Google and many more. You can also find JJ performing in Drag at local venues in the Bay Area as Evvy Dense.

Street Jazz [Intermediate/Advanced]

Learn choreography from jazz turns, kicks, and leap steps along with popular simple rhythm techniques to popular and age-appropriate music of today.


Ava Apple & Rodolfo Guzman Salsa Level 1 [Beginner] Tuesdays 6:30pm PT In-Studio

Salsa Level 2 [Intermediate]

Tuesdays 7:45pm PT In-Studio @symbolicdanceandfitness

Ava Apple, a San Francisco native, has been dancing professionally since her teens.She has performed & taught throughout the USA, Hong Kong, Italy, and The Netherlands and has received awards for her contribution to the world of Salsa & Latin Dance at the 2002 West Coast Salsa Congress, the 2003 SF Salsa Congress, and the 2003 Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts 25th Anniversary celebration.

Rodolfo Guzman, a native of Mexico City, Mexico – grew up listening to the classic Mambo music that his father loved dancing & listening to. Rodolfo started taking classes from Ava in 2002, joined The Latin Symbolics in 2004, and became Ava’s dance partner in 2005.

Salsa Level 1 [Beginner]

This salsa class introduces you to the rhythm and timing of the music, as well as the technique of leading and following. You will learn basic footwork, dance positions, and connections between partners. No dance experience or partner is required.

Salsa Level 2 [Intermediate]

This salsa class utilizes intermediate-level rhythm and timing of the music. You will learn intermediate-level footwork, dance positions, and connections between partners. No partner is required.


Serena Pickett Yoga Flow [All Levels] Wednesdays 5:30pm PT Hybrid

Serena Picket is from New York City and currently studies performing arts and social justice with a concentration of dance at the University of San Francisco. She got her 200 hr yoga certification at Yogaworks in Manhattan in 2018. With experience in with Pilobolus Dance Company, American Ballet Theater, and Battery Dance Company, she has been training in different dance.

Yoga Flow [All Levels]

A yoga flow based class created to motivate and increase flexibility, strength & balance through poses, breathing, music and meditation. This is a 50min class.


Eli Lopez Bachata Level 1 [Beginner] Thursdays 6:30pm PT In-Studio

Eli Lopez born and raised in San Francisco has always had a love for music and dance ever since he was a child. He has studied music and dance in multiple styles and genres. At the age of 16, he started dancing, performing, and competing. He has performed in Hop Hop, Poppin, Locking, and Krump. In college expanded his range to contemporary and modern, and performed with the group Stong Pulse and teaches and performed for them from time to time. Afterward, he was trained and taught at Arthur Murray. He has performed and competed all over the U.S., placing in the semi-finals and finals, getting awards for the top teacher, with the addition of working alongside award-winning dancers. His love of dancing rivals his love for teaching, which is why his goal is to always make sure that all of his students have fun and enjoy themselves.

Currently, he is still training and working on ballroom and now performs and competes in Ballroom, Club, Latin, and Standard, and is most versed in American Smooth and Rhythm.

Bachata Level 1 [Beginner]

Bachata is a social Latin dance which alongside Salsa is one of the most popular styles around. It has a smooth and a little romantic feel to it and is danced to both Latin music and some current music remixed with the bachata beat. Learn the basic footwork and patterns before trying it with a partner.


Jessie Jeong K-Pop [Beginner / Intermediate] Sundays 11:35am PT In-Studio

Jessie, born in America and raised in Korea, started dancing when she was 19. She started her dance journey with K-POP, leading a K-POP dance team at college. She developed various techniques by training at 1 Million Dance Studio in Seoul, Korea, dancing different street-style genres, including Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz Funk, and Heels.

While living in Russia, she competed at national dance championships with her professional dance team. She founded her own K-POP dance school in Moscow and taught a master class at the Korean Culture Center.

With over 3 years of teaching experience, Jessie is teaching Beginner/Intermediate K-POP at Rae Studios. She loves to teach students how to coordinate body movements and create clean lines.

K-Pop [Beginner / Intermediate]

This class is for you if you want to feel like you are starring in your own K-Pop MV. This class will highlight some choreography from some of your favorite K-Pop Idols(e.g., Twice, BTS, Blackpink, etc)


Industry Choreography [Intermediate /Advanced] Thursdays 7:30pm PT In-Studio

Beginner Hip Hop [Beginner]

Fridays 5:30pm PT In-Studio

Industry Choreography [Intermediate / Advanced]

Sundays 11:00am PT In-Studio

Pop + Iso [All levels]

Sundays 12:05pm PT In-Studio

Ryan McKee has been dancing and choreographing hip hop for roughly 15 years. Some of his largest achievements during this time include getting 4th place on the reality show "Jabbawockeez: The Movement", choreographing an award winning music video for Armaan Malik's song "Aaja Na Ferrari Mein", and dancing in the movie "Manifest Destiny Down 2: Spacetime". His classes focuses on pushing dancers energy, strength, and performance. In which he will also work on building confidence and having fun.

Hip Hop [Intermediate / Advanced]

A choreography-based dance class utilizing various street and studio-style movements of Hip Hop. We will introduce you to more complex techniques and concepts such as textures and musicality. This class will help push you out of your comfort zone and expand your dance vocabulary.

Beginner Hip Hop [Beginner]

Back to basics with Beg Hip Hop. Learn dance fundamentals, basic movement and learn choreography. This class level is great for beginners to learn and explore movement!

Industry Choreography [Intermediate / Advanced]

Have you ever dreamt of dancing in front of 90,000 fans? Or opening for Maroon 5?

Whether you are new to the professional dance world, or are a seasoned veteran in the game, you are sure to learn how to up-level your performance. Learn the ins and outs of auditions, making the cut, taking the lesson, and ultimately expressing your truth through movement. Stop doubting your talent and step up to the opportunity. Growth is where the magic happens and the magic happens in class! This class uses Jazz and Hip Hop technique.

Pop + Iso [All levels]

Popping and Isolations is a dance class focused on the sudden tensing and releasing of the muscles to the rhythm of the music. Learn the basics and fundamentals of this style through a detailed warm up followed by an all levels choreography.



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