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New York Takeover | Personal & Professional Development Workshops (Recap)

We, at Rae Studios have been working with ZO, Clubhouse by Tishman Speyer on various corporate wellness services providing Personal and Professional Workshops and dance classes. In 2023 our Personal & Professional Workshops lead by Owner/CEO Jessica Rae took off with Tishman Speyer, San Francisco locations ranging from Goal Setting to Habit Forming courses. These classes include interactive exercises, engaging discussions and a breakdown of goals/habits allowing for group and self accountability. Since these classes had great reviews, the ZO Clubhouse team decided to book these workshops for their New York offices.

Our Corporate Wellness service has given us the opportunity to meet many diverse corporate groups ranging from small, medium and large size companies with the same goal in mind: wellness accessibility. These courses provide a safe space for people to share while building community and connection as they map out goals for healthy work-life balance.

Our speaker, Jessica Rae quotes, "Leading these workshops have a special place in my heart. I get to listen to people of all walks; parents, siblings, co-workers, CEO's, directors, book authors, entrepreneurs, athletes all in the same room ready to explore work-life productivity. Most groups are able to share vulnerable stories allowing them to release and reset. I get to see people start a class with open mindsets and leave with a completed 25 page worksheet. It's always a good day for me when guests depart sharing that this course provided them with a clear mapped out habits/goals".

Jessica leads these workshops in San Francisco and is available for travel. We at Rae Studios are also hiring experts in the wellness space to lead other related workshops as we continue to expand this division. If you are an expert wellness coach, connect here.

[A big Thank you to ZO Clubhouse, Tishman Speyer who continues to support small business while providing consistent job opportunities through the year!]

DAY 1: "Goal Setting" | Photos from the Tishman Speyer, The Met, 200 Park Ave , NY, NY

DAY 2: "Habit Forming" | Photos from the Tishman Speyer, The Spiral, 66 Hudson Blvd, NY, NY

DAY 3: "Habit Forming" | Photos from the Tishman Speyer, Rockefeller Center, 1 Rockefeller Plaza, NY, NY


Company Bio: Tishman Speyer

Tishman Speyer Properties is an American company that invests in real estate. It has developed multiple buildings around the world, and they have owned famous buildings and land plots, including the Chrysler Building. At Tishman Speyer, we are committed to building community.

We combine innovation, sustainability, and hospitality to build dynamic spaces for businesses, families, and neighborhoods alike.

Business Owner | Speaker | Movement Specialist & Educator 

Jessica Rae is the founder and CEO of Rae Model & Talent Agency LLC and Rae Studios, a talent agency and dance studio located in downtown San Francisco, California, established in 2011. Jessica’s mission is to create jobs that directly support dance professionals in the Bay Area. Both of her businesses work hand in hand, providing talents with the option to work multiple jobs and positions. Jessica represents over 50 dance, movement, and wellness instructors and over 150 models and dancers for film/print/event jobs, with some talents having dual representation.  

Jessica is a graduate from San Francisco State University with a BA in Speech and Communications and an emphasis on public speaking, which led her to on-camera work. Jessica has been featured in various print and film advertisements, such as Muscle Milk, Fitbit, Acura, Facebook, and 24hr Fitness. She also worked with artists including Ludacris, Lady Gaga, Kid Rock, and Bebe Rexha.

In 2022, Jessica represented dance and women’s entrepreneurship as a selected judge for Miss America, interviewing 50 candidates for the position.

As a talent agent, Jessica has built a diverse network that has allowed her team to work with clients such as Netflix, Fever, HBO, Comcast, and NBC.

Thanks to Jessica's work as a community leader, Rae Studios was granted a 1-year contract to host free outdoor dance classes that are funded and supported by the City of San Francisco. This has provided additional  job opportunities for local instructors, further driving Jessica's mission.

Today, you can find Jessica as an active talent agent, instructor at Rae Studios and Equinox, and speaker for educational workshops around entrepreneurship and leadership!


For more information about Corporate Wellness, please visit:

Request a copy of our Wellness Deck. Email,

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