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Phase 1: Reopening Day

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Monday, September 21st 2020

Written: Jessica Rae

Updated Newsletter: click here

It's Official - WE'RE BACK!!

Where do we start from here? It's been a week since Mayor Breed announced the reopening of gyms. Last week, our team sat in the office in-person. The last time we sat together at our office table was March 16th as the city went on official lockdown. As per normal, our small team went into autopilot, juggling between various admin operations. We are all anxious, scared and excited to be with people. However, despite juggling factors, we are BEYOND EXCITED to move forward into a direction where we can continue bringing our community together safely.

We have been on this roller coster together, transitioning from in-personal classes; being one of the first studios to teach a never been tested livestream experience amongst the pandemic, joining arms to tackle social injustices, and battling natural disasters. And now, we are asked to open our doors at a 10% capacity with very specific classes that meet COVID requirements.

We know there are many questions and we hope to answer everyone's needs, as swiftly as possible. We just ask that you stay patient with us as we reopening our doors into yet again, a never been tested "Hybrid Class Format". This will allows both virtual and live classes to co-exist. Why offer Hybrid classes? We have a very tight small community. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have funds for additional marketing. However, it is our goal to grow our Monthly Unlimited Memberships to help continue growing the company and eventually move into keeping virtual live streaming, in-person, and on-demand classes through separate channels. For now, the "Hybrid" class option is a safety measure to offer students to take classes virtually or in-studio.



Soft Opening: Monday, September 28th 2020

Reopening: Monday, October 5th 2020




  • - IN-STUDIO: Classes held in-studio only without a live streaming option *Coming soon

  • - HYBRID: Classes that allow both in-studio and live streaming *Existing

  • - LIVESTREAM: Virtual live streaming only *Existing

  • - ON-DEMAND: Virtual pre-recorded videos available on-demand only *Coming soon

*Note: For now "ALL IN-STUDIO" classes are listed as a "HYBRID" option to transition to In-Studio and Virtual class offerings.


Livestreaming: $15 Drop In (Class card package options available. Class card packages are NOT available for in-studio tickets)

In-Studio: $20 Drop In (Due to limited space, this is the only ticket option for In-studio classes. Monthly Memberships available for reservations)

Full Rates and Services: here


  1. 1. View the class schedule: click here or MB

  2. 2. Reserve your ticket on MindBody as "In-Studio" or "Livestream"

  3. 3. Leave a Review Yelp Page


Studio 1: 10 Seats max

Studio 2: 6 Seats max

Price: $20 for In-Studio (Seats Limited: No packages available. Monthly Membership Access Available)

Staff Protective Measures:

  1. Ensure Personnel stay home or leave work if they are sick

  2. Provide A-1  Health Criteria before each shift and advise staff what to do if they are required to stay home (see attached)

  3. Staff and customers required to wear a face covering as required by health Officer orders.

  4. Limit number of people to 10% onsite to ensure physical distancing, includes staff and instructors.

Measures to Prevent Unnecessary Contact:

  1. Maintain physical distancing to six feet in the facility and twelve feet while engaging in dance and fitness class(es). 

  2. Markings placed on the floor to ensure six feet physical distancing (inside and outside) dance studio and twelve feet of distancing for activities that increase breathing intensity. (inside S1/S2)

  3. Enforce customers to pay for class reservation in advance to decrease touch point transactions

  4. Maintain plexiglas as a barrier between staff and customers at point of payment.

  5. Remove high traffic areas: changing room closed, kitchen pantry 

  6. Advise customers to bring their own Yoga Mat for less floor touch contact

  7. Advise customers to bring own water bottle

  8. Advise customers to arrive with minimum items to store

Staff Commitment & Sanitary Measures:

  1. Regularly disinfect high touch areas, and do so continuously for surfaces patrons touch (countertops, payment systems, water station, instructor station, and studio equipment/props)

  2. Provide hand sanitizer, sink with soap and water, and/or disinfecting wipes to patrons and personnel near the entrance of the facility, at the checkout counters, and anywhere else where people have direct interactions.

  3. Staff will have dedicated time between classes to disinfect the studio

  4. Staff will wear personal protective wear, gloves, mask, face shield

  5. Staff to wear disposable gloves when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces

  6. Gloves discarded after each cleaning

  7. Staff to disinfect the dance floor along between classes

  8. Staff to disinfect high touch point areas between classes:  Sink, Surfaces and water station

  9. Windows to remain open for fresh air circulation (as long as air quality permits)

  10. Ceiling and floor fans on to create air flow

Customer Guidelines:

  1. Read and confirm A-1: Personnel Screening Form prior to coming into the studio.

  2. Reserve for your Livestream or In-Person class reservation in advanced to avoid “touch point” areas.

  3. Wear a protective face mask during your entire visit

  4. Assist the hosts staff by waiting patiently in the lobby.  

  5. Sign our updated "Service Liability Waiver" (COVID-19) before first visit

  6. Temperature Check + COVID Questionnaire Form at check in

  7. Do not enter our studio space until host permits

  8. Wipe down station / area with sanitary supplies

  9. Gather your belongings and leave promptly so our hosts can disinfect between classes

NOTE: || DUE TO COVID, we cannot offer specific classes like Bootcamp, Cardio Kickboxing, Cardio Dance or any classes that target high intense aerobics. The "Hybrid" class offerings are the classes available that meet city guidelines ||

Soft and Reopening Schedule:

Soft Opening: Monday, 9/28/20

Get the latest schedule on your MindBody account

Reopening: Monday, 10/5/20

Get the latest schedule on your MindBody account


Additional Questions:


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