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Phase 1: Our Steps for Reopening (Sept 2020)

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Hello Rae Community,

San Francisco is speeding up its timeline for reopening.

Officials announced that both indoor personal services and indoor gyms can welcome clients with limited capacity beginning Monday, September 14th 2020. Personal services include hair salons, barber shops, nail salons, massage services, tattoo and piercing along with gyms.

We would like to announce that we plan to reopen the studio soon. As exciting as this sounds, we are taking time to create safety measures that properly ensure the longevity of our staff, customers, and financial business model. Doors reopening require a lot of backend operation needs, additional staff, and rebuilding and while we do not have a set date, we ask that you be patient with us as we continue to explore these new transitions.

Here’s what we are planning to do over the next few weeks:

  • Begin part time management office hours: Monday & Wednesday 9am - 5pm

  • Update our Operations Guidelines to fit safety procedures

  • Prepare services for: Virtual, Hybrid, and Live In Studio Classes

  • Update all online descriptions on how we are moving forward

INTRODUCING NEW TERMS: We will continue to explain these terms as we move into reopening.

  • “Virtual Live Streaming”: Group classes held on Zoom

  • “Hybrid”: A combination of Virtual Live Streaming + In-Studio created for max efficiency. We understand that this may be a concern for students. It is our goal to keep the company afloat and continue providing options for both Virtual and/or Live.

  • “In-Studio”: Mostly used for Choreography and master programs. No live-streaming available for this option.

How much are tickets:

  • In-Studio: $20 Single (Must pre-pay, seats limited) *Packages not available at this time; however, previously purchased packages prior to our studio closure is accepted.. Monthly Unlimited Access accepted!

  • Virtual: $15 Single *Packages available, Monthly Unlimited Access

NOTE: **Monthly Unlimited Members will have access to both In-Studio and Virtual. As we continue to grow into a full capacity, this rate will change.

How do I reserve or purchase these tickets?

On our signup page/MindBody you will see two types of titles for our classes: “Virtual” or “In-Studio”. Please note that our “Hybrid” classes will have two sign up links.

“Virtual Live Streaming” Classes:

  • Continue reserving classes via MB under “Virtual” title

“In Studio” Classes

  • Click “In-Studio” to reserve for a class inside Rae Studios. Keep in mind, there may be two class links for this class. That means that we will be streaming live as well. Tickets are limited. Must reserve early.

  • If a class only has one sign up link titled “In Studio” please note that this class is only offered In Studio and cannot be Live Streamed. We anticipate that this will be for specific choreography classes that we require large floor movement.

Our goal for the studio is to always consider the safety of our community.


Our Story Thus Far:

Rae Studios is STILL HERE. Our feet are heavy in the ground as we continue to push through week 27 of Shelter-in-place. We are still offering Group Classes that feature 50+ classes a week, open 7 days a week with 30+ teachers on the roster in addition to various guest instructors through a program called, “Spotlight”. We've had our fair share of ups and downs through the global pandemic. We opened the business from in-person to virtual overnight and continue to walk alongside the Black Lives Matter Movement with our dedicated “Arts and Unity” Fundraiser and our online social channels and website composed of educational resources. We continue to face challenges and adapt our daily operations due to poor air quality and wildfires. And we’ve been fortunate to guest speak for companies like Athleta/Gap on matters like Body Positivity, guest speak for No Limit Generation on behalf of Mental Health Awareness through a new program called “Dance Is Therapy” and continue to create space for Small Business Partnership and Education through Entrepreneurship. We truly believe in the power of community, listening and adapting our channels to fit today’s topic needs one day at a time.

Rae Studios is based in San Francisco, CA and currently does not have a date listed reopening. However, our future plans include two business preparations. A plan to open at a scaled capacity following city guidelines and a plan to close the business. This may be difficult to read by our community members, but it's important that we stay realistic with our financial model.

In our perfect world, we will open and offer the following; Virtual Live Streaming Classes, In-Studio Classes, and Hybrid Group classes allowing us to continue operation through the virtual and in-person mediums along with rentals, corporate wellness, and privates. We are so appreciative for companies like "The Profile" who continue to give us a voice and share our Small Business Story. Wellness, community, and inclusivity has always been our priority. At the end of this journey, we are proud to look back to acknowledge all of our efforts operating through a pandemic, creating space and voice for social change, adapting to natural disasters, all while supporting healthy minds and bodies through movement and music.

To conclude:

We’d like to take a moment to give a big Thank you to our Volunteer Hosts, Instructors, Staff and Students for the continued support through these times. Our goal has and always has been to keep our community together. We are feeling pretty proud as we continue to meet this challenge. We understand that taking classes virtually isn’t the same as taking classes and we are beyond grateful for the continued push. Thankfully, those virtual classes we’ve gained a larger community of students outside the bay area. Both returning students and new students. As you know, managing a small business during these times has been challenging. We are a small team and will continue to provide services to the best of our capacity. Please bear with us over the next few days, weeks, months as we transition from virtual classes to a Live / Hybrid / Virtual operations class flow.

On a brighter side note, this is Jessica Rae speaking and I am beyond proud to announce the new business roles of my team:

Kevin Wong promoted to Studio Manager

Andy Chung promoted to Operations Director

Along with bringing in some new staff members (details coming soon)


As always, Thank you for your support,

Rae Studios Management

Jessica Rae, Andy Chung, and Kevin Wong

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