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RECAP | Back 2 Basics Dancehall w/ Aimee Rose | Hosted by More Than Movement

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Updated 3/3/22

Event Recap:

“The dancehall is a reflection of people's realities and their everyday lives”- Aimee Rose

On behalf of all of us at Rae Studios’ More Than Movement, we want to say thank you for attending our Back 2 Basics Dancehall workshop with Aimee Rose (she/her) of TropiCali Dancehall. We are grateful for all of our students that soaked up the energy during the Dancehall workshop. Thank you to Aimee for sharing your passion and experiences as a Dancehall Queen.

Aimee brought the Jamaican heat with old school, mid-school, and new school Dancehall steps, as well as showing the difference between male and female Dancehall steps such as:

  • Old School / Middle School

    • Gerald “Bogle” Levy Steps

      • Willie Bounce

      • Wacky Dip

      • Zip It Up

      • L.O.Y / Jerry Springer

      • Bogle

    • Plus many more Middle School Steps as part of the “Call & Response” game!

  • Female Moves

    • The Butterfly

    • Wata Pumpy

    • Cool and Deadly

    • Wine and Jiggle Fundamentals

Throughout the workshop, Aimee shared her knowledge and passion for Dancehall's history and culture. As Aimee described it, “Dancehall— you don’t go to parties to be stressed, you go to have fun.” After the movement portion of the workshop, Aimee showed a clip of a Dancehall documentary called “Back to Basics” to share more about the history and culture of Dancehall. You can find Aimee’s resources and more on our More Than Movement Resource Google Document.

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Our Teacher: Aimee Rose (she/her)

Event Staff: Lexi (she/her) and Kristie (she/her) of the More Than Movement Committee for hosting the event

Operations Team: Jessica (she/her), Kevin (he/him), and Andy (he/him) behind the scenes

Photos/Video found here! Tag: @raestudiossf , @tropicalitrapsetta , and @angryjazzhands (photo/video) #MoreThanMovement


-Past Event Workshop-

About the workshop: In this class dancers will go Back 2 the Basics of Dancehall. Learn the history of dancehall, the culture, the groove, and the current evolution of dancehall through movement with Aimee Rose (she/her). This class is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the depth of information and years of training that dancehall requires, but it will be a fertile starting ground for you to begin your dancehall journey!

Date: Saturday, February 26th, 2022 | 1:00pm- 3:00pm PT

Location: Rae Studios, 414 Mason St. 705, San Francisco, CA 94102 and Online livestream via ZOOM

Hosted by the More Than Movement Committee. Learn more about their work.

Tickets: Register on Eventbrite or using your MindBody App.


About Aimee Rose:

Aimee Rose (she/her) is the creator of TropiCali Dancehall (Jamaican dancehall with a Cali swag) and is a self-proclaimed ambassador for Jamaican Dancehall dance in the Bay Area. Since 2013 Aimee Rose has been studying Dancehall and since 2015 has been traveling back and forth between Kingston, Jamaica and the Bay Area learning as much dance as she can while in JA and bringing this back to share with her community. In JA she has studied with well known names including Boysie Roses, Black Eagles, Supreme Blazers, Xqlusiv Crew, Kriptic Klique, Hectic Dymondz, Elite Team, Rifical Team, Get there Squad, Colo Colo, Kimiko Versatile, Latonya Style, Queen Latesha, Jackhammer girls, Dancing Rebel, Kaytii Insanity, Kissy McKoy and many more!

In the Bay Area, Aimee has hosted workshops for the top Jamaican and international dancehall dancers such as Kimiko Versatile (JA), Boysie Roses (JA), Latonya Style (JA), Queen Latesha (JA), Rahmus Rifical (JA), Godzilla Boss OG (JA), Rollx Hectic Dymondz (JA), Nadiah NfuZion (AU), Katerina Trotskya (RU), Jay-C Val (FR), Betty Rox (USA), Lorenzo Hanna of Dancehall Funk (USA), and Tango Leadaz (USA).

As a devotee and missionary of the dancehall gospel, Aimee believes there is no replacement for actually experiencing dance in Jamaica which is why she also hosts guided trips to Jamaica with her partner Charlotte Nehm of Mango Yard Kingston (@mangoyardkingston) (#Bay2Ja) twice a year for dancehall dance tourist to experience classes, real dancehall parties, and beautiful Jamaica.

Aimee's performance group, has opened for such reggae and dancehall artists such as Christopher Martin, Alborosie, and Cham. Aimee has danced in Jamaica’s biggest concert SumFest in 2016, performed in Sierra Nevada World Music Festival from 2012-2018 as well as choreographed or contributed choreography to artist videos such as Macka Diamond, Zanni, Easi Money, MC Rai, Los Rakas, Seneca, Remi Red, and Bayonics. In addition, Aimee also dances and performs with the Bay Area’s only all female dancehall squad, the B.A.E. Squad (Believe Achieve Empower).

For more info about Aimee Rose and to take class from her, please visit

Follow on IG: @TropiCaliTrapsetta @TropiCaliDancehall

FB: TropiCali Dancehall

Tickets: Register on Eventbrite or using your MindBody App.

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Registration and proof of vaccination are required for this event.

Tickets: Register on Eventbrite or using your MindBody App.

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