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J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference Positively Impacting Local Business 2024

Updated: Jan 12

We, at Rae Studios are thrilled to see innovative health tech companies participating in this year's 2024 J.P. Morgan Healthcare conference, supporting local small businesses. Rae Studios is predominately an adult dance studio providing a wide genre of dance and wellness classes. We currently operate dance classes 7 days a week at Rae Studios (our indoor location) and UN Plaza (our outdoor dance location), funded by San Francisco Civic Center Community District. Besides group classes, we also offer Studio Rentals, Corporate Wellness Packages, and Private Lessons.

Our Studio Rentals service has given us the opportunity to meet many diverse groups ranging from commercial/video production, photoshoots, master yoga classes, theater rehearsals, speaker panelists, interactive workshops, and conference meetings, Since J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference has brought us high volume of studio rental inquiries, we've created the following conference set-up to accommodate our groups and their presentations.

Every year, we at Rae Studios continue to see a large surge of studio rental inquiries 6-8 months prior to rental dates for the event. This year our clients included health tech professionals, NYBC Ventures, SynCardia / Hunniwell Lake Ventures, and Curevo Vaccine.  All 3 companies booked their designed spaces during the full week of J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference and have already secured their holds/studio rental confirmations for 2025!


A Big Thank you to this year's J.P. Morgan clients for supporting local, small and the arts! When asked to take a photo to share this story with our community, everyone said absolutely and hit a pose. Look at their happy faces. Thank you all for your support. 😊

New York Blood Center created NYBC Ventures to accelerate innovation in blood-related fields and cellular therapies and technology. New York Blood Center established the fund with a $50M investment and a mission to improve patients’ lives by advancing therapeutics, enabling platforms and technologies as well as driving collaborations to further NYBC’s impact.

SynCardia is the sole manufacturer and provider of the world’s only commercially approved temporary total artificial heart. SynCardia provides a new temporary heart without the wait for patients at risk of dying or becoming too sick to transplant. The SynCardia team is passionate about saving lives and dedicated to responsiveness, teamwork, safety, reliability, and innovation. They believe that no one should die waiting for a matching donor heart.

Hunniwell Lake Ventures invests in extensions of proven technologies within overlooked segments of the medical device space from the heart of Silicon Valley. It provides entrepreneurs with a longer runway to develop a more complete portfolio of products before monetizing their innovations. We leverage our entrepreneurial spirit, operational experience, and global networks to help companies achieve higher profitability earlier, through improved market access, greater capital efficiency in R&D, and lower manufacturing costs.

Curevo has assembled a multidisciplinary team of dedicated professionals and scientific advisors who are experts in immunology, protein science, adjuvant technology, clinical trials, and regulatory operations.

Our shared goal is to reduce the burden of infectious disease, starting with shingles and chickenpox, and to address important unmet medical needs globally through our commitment to ushering safe, better-tolerated, and highly effective vaccines from the bench through clinical development and to market.

Read more about Studio Rental Conference Packages here.

Studio 1 - "RHYTHM AND FLOW"
Studio 2 - "RHYTHM AND FLOW"
Studio 3 - "CREATIVE LAB"

During this time, Rae Studios is active from 6am - 11pm with our small team working actively around the clock. See our team working together as we flip the 3 spaces from Conference Room to Dance Studio!

Last, but now least, a big recognition to Diamond Thrower, Rae Studios Manager, and our Studio Team for hosting another year of Rae Studios x J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2024.

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The J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2024 has made a significant impact on local businesses, reminiscent of the holistic and nurturing approach taken by LifeChoice Hospice, a part of MyLifeChoice. By drawing attendees from around the globe, the conference has infused local economies with vitality, offering opportunities for growth and collaboration that echo the supportive care LifeChoice provides to those with serious illnesses. The influx of visitors has benefited hotels, restaurants, and service providers, mirroring the way LifeChoice Hospice enhances the lives of patients and their families by managing pain and symptoms in comfortable settings. This parallel underscores the importance of community and support networks, whether in the context of a major healthcare event or in providing compassionate end-of-life care. Both…

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Just read about how the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference is boosting local businesses and it reminded me of the incredible efficiency of ChannelRUSH's hotel channel manager. It's fascinating to see tech and health sectors propelling growth in different industries. ChannelRUSH seems to embody that spirit by simplifying hotel bookings, much like how events foster local business opportunities. Great to see technology enabling success across the board!

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The J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference has undoubtedly left its mark on local businesses in 2024, with a notable surge in demand for services such as house rentals. As attendees flock to the area for the conference, the need for accommodations has skyrocketed, benefiting local rental businesses and stimulating economic growth within the community.

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