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Phase 3: Reopening - Full Capacity (June 15th) Masks Optional

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Date: Monday, June 14th 2021

Written: Jessica Rae

Hello Rae Studios Community,

We are excited to announce that ON TUESDAY, JUNE 15th 2021, WE ARE MOVING INTO FULL CAPACITY CLASSES. We have been eagerly waiting for this day for over a year and a half. California Officials announced that starting June 15th, 2021, business restrictions will be lifted with the state aligning with CDC guidelines to fully reopen with masks off for those who are vaccinated. Please review the new "In-Studio Check-In" process below and arrive with a copy of your vaccination card (Electronic copy ok), if you'd like to begin training without your mask.

We have made multiple changes to our schedule and operations effective June 15th. Please see our updated operations for "Phase 3 Full Capacity Reopening Check-in" & guidelines here and our current in-studio/hybrid/livestream class options here. Our quarter 3 schedule begins July 1st with more in-studio classes and virtual options. Continue to check your MindBody app for the most up-to-date class offerings.


A note from our CEO, Jessica Rae

Hello Everyone,

Just taking the time to speak on behalf of our management team. It's been over a year of shelter-in-place. I am proud to say that, "we made it!" We will continue to have new obstacles, like getting new residential customers, rebuilding other forms of revenue, and bringing back our sister company, Rae Agency; however, I don't want to disregard the biggest obstacle, keeping Rae Studios Open for Business! We've come a long way, sharing many high and lows throughout the pandemic, and first-time experiences. As a small business leader, your teacher, and your peer, there were many tearful moments where closing the studio looked like the most suitable option, financially, mentally, and emotionally. During a recent interview, I was asked, "What is your current motivating factor?" I immediately responded, "My community." Through the darkest hours, something as simple as waking up to teach a morning class, turning off "work hours" to dance, and receiving gratitude messages has motivated me in more ways than one. People usually look at fitness and dance teachers as inspirational figures. I think I can speak on behalf of all teachers and say, "Our inspiration and motivation comes from our students, who turn into our peers, our confidants, and our family." You have become the pillars that keep our house standing.

For those of you familiar with our studio mission statement, you know the most important part of our plant life atmosphere and culture is how we care for each other. That care builds strong roots. In this case, our roots are you. You have been the biggest advocates from sharing your class experiences, bringing our services to your professional careers as corporate jobs, providing sponsorship, leadership, word of mouth, and volunteer work, and most of all, sharing your contagious positive energy. This video testimonial speaks volumes about how we lift each other in the darkest times. These qualities and gestures amongst many more have helped in so many ways, keeping our lights on in the studio and in our hearts.

As most of you know, we created the virtual class experiences as a way to keep our community and studio moving forward during the first & second phases of reopening. With accommodated class formats due to limited capacity, we adopted the "Hybrid" model to allow students to feel safe taking classes online and allow students to come into the studio. As California moves into full reopening capabilities, we want to be mindful of everyone’s safety and class experience. Due to higher volume inside the studio, we are temporarily removing the "Hybrid" model and solely teaching "In-Studio Classes" separate from "Virtual Livestream Classes". Virtual livestream classes will continue through our online studio, as some of our teachers live in various cities/states/countries. Since in-studio classes need so much attention and space, the management team voted to remove the hybrid set-up. This allows teachers to have full access to the studio space and mirrors for direct attention to their students' needs and unique learning experiences. Our team has worked extremely hard to provide class accessibility and safe options for our students and, now that we can fully open, it's time to move into the priority and longevity of our studio and instructors.

We do plan on re-introducing the "Hybrid" model in the future once we finalize new equipment and operations for smoother, consistent online classes. More info on this class offering announced at a later date.

Your efforts to continue supporting Rae Studios during the most uncertain times have not gone unseen, and we'd like to take a moment to say thank you for providing so much love and energy towards our staff, instructors, and studio.

Now, let's get back to business




  • Rae Studios will operate at 100%. No capacity limit for both indoors and outdoor classes.

Capacity for Dance & Fitness Group Classes:

Studio 1: 30 standing, 22 mat

Studio 2: 18 standing, 12-15 mat

Studio 3: 18 standing, 12-15 seated

  • Physical distancing lifted. All floor markings for social distancing removed. (Yay, we can see our floors again)

  • Patrons will no longer receive temperature checks or screenings for COVID-19 symptoms at check-in.

  • Fully vaccinated people can go maskless (2 weeks after 2nd dose or after one J&J). Unvaccinated must continue to wear a mask at all times.

  • All customers must show a copy of their vaccination card for clearance of mask removal. No honor system in place. A confirmation of your vaccination card clearance will be store in your MindBody customer profile for future check-in entry. Electronic copy ok.

  • Employees must wear a mask, only if an unvaccinated employee is present. (Cal/OSHA mandate will be lifted on 6/17).

  • Students/Staff/Instructors unvaccinated are required to wear a mask at all times. A note of this will be stored in your customer profile records for your safety.

  • Employees can go maskless even if a customer is unvaccinated since they are required to wear a mask.

- Manish Goyal Office of Economic and Workforce Development 



We at Rae Studios created virtual livestream classes for the sole purpose of everyone's safety and accessibility to moving your body during shelter-in-place. With the transition of various reopening stages, we kept livestream available as some students were not yet vaccinated and looking for in-home alternatives. With the new statewide lift of capacity restriction and mask mandate, we have removed "Hybrid" class offerings to allow instructors full access to the entire studio and space for direct and personalized student feedback. We do hope to bring back "Hybrid" and release "On-Demand" classes toward the end of the year. We take pride in our operations and know that if we continue to offer hybrid classes our teachers will naturally pay more attention to in-studio customers and our staff will continue to be pulled in many directions, resulting in poor customer service and online class experience. Our management team had a long discussion about this step forward, and collectively, we decided that it's time to "Rip off the bandage" and remind everyone about the benefits of in-person classes: correct form, space to move, transfer of energy, community building, and many more. We will continue to serve our students and instructors who live in various cities/countries by keeping virtual-livestream classes as listed in our schedule, as well as add more livestream classes as the demand calls. If you have a group that is requesting virtual group classes with 8 or more ppl, please contact us for consideration.

  • Hybrid Option: Removed from the class schedule from 5pm - 10pm

  • Virtual Livestream: Offered for our instructors who live in various cities/states/countries

  • On-Demand Classes: TBA - we hope to announce this by the end of the year



Please note that as we continue to open in-studio classes to full capacity, we do not want to neglect our students inside our virtual channel or in-studio. To ensure the safety and education value of our class offerings, we have moved virtual classes separate from in-studio classes to allow our teachers to stay focused with their class format. For students who have reserved for a class this week or future classes, you have received an email from Kevin, our Studio Manager, noting that one or more of the classes you are registered for has been impacted and the livestream portion of the class has been removed. We have early canceled you from the class and the credit has been returned to your MindBody account. If you would like to convert your livestream passes to MindBody credit for purchasing in-studio passes, please email before your pass expires.


TICKETING UPDATES: also found under FAQ

  • MONTHLY UNLIMITED CONTRACTS: Monthly Unlimited Memberships are $150/per month and will continue to provide unlimited group classes for in-studio and livestream classes. This does not include pop-ups, master classes, workshops or special events. Pausing and Terminations of Monthly Membership will only be granted upon request. To request to freeze your membership, full termination, or to re-activate your membership, please email

  • Virtual Livestream Classes: For virtual livestream class cards, you are welcome to continue using your class cards for virtual class options. If you would like to convert your livestream passes to MindBody credit for purchasing in-studio passes, please email before your pass expires.

  • No refunds for any unused passes or remaining days for Monthly Unlimited Membership.



*See the most up-to-date Events Page here

  • June 7th - 9th: India Relief Fundraiser with Shruthi Reddy, Chandni Patel, and Kimaya Rane.

  • June 12-13th: Boombox Weekend featuring 7 teachers, 6 classes at Bay Club, SF

  • June 19th: Moving Toward Liberation, A Juneteenth Celebration featuring Keynote speaker Tessa Kaneene, Nike Ambassador & Leadership council to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

  • June 20th: Fathers Dance Day with Sandro Alvarez teaching LIVE from Chile

  • June 24th: Pride Powerhouse Panel (TBA: Thurs. 6/24 in-studio 5:30pm)

  • June 27th: Hip Hop for Change Instructor Eduction Workshop (TBA: Sun. 6/27 in-studio 1-3pm)

  • June 28th: Rae Studios x Athleta Pride Shopping Pop Up (TBA: Mon. 6/28 In Studio 5pm)

  • July 12th: "Welcome Back, A Christmas in July Themed Pot Luck Party" Celebrating the re-opening & our 10-year anniversary! (5pm - 7pm inside S3)

All this being said, we are updating our livestream class schedule! Keep an eye out on MindBody for class updates and reservations! Click here for the updated virtual class schedule.


Resource Links for Vaccination & Best Practices:

Provided by: Manish Goyal Office of Economic and Workforce Development


Meet the team behind the operations! Please keep in mind, we are a small team. If we don't get back to you right away, please email us or call us. Someone will get back to you within 48 hours.



In-Studio (In-Studio classes)

Livestram: (Live Virtual classes)

Hybrid: (In-Studio + Livestream classes)

On-Demand: (Pre-recorded Videos: coming soon)

  • View the class schedule here





Here are the steps we've combined from Phase 1: Reopening, Phase 2: Reopening, and now Phase 3: Full Capacity Reopening:


  • RSVP on your MindBody app using the key term "In-Studio" class options and secure your spot by reserving in advance.

  • Prepare your travel time. Reminder that we start classes on-time and end on time. Plan to arrive 10-15mins prior to class.

  • All rooms are currently open. Dressing rooms, kitchenette, etc.

  • For those joining us in-studio for the first time, the name of our building is Native Sons. Use the call box located to the right of the front entrance. and dial "705 Rae Studios" for entry. We are on the 7th Floor. If someone doesn't answer right away, call back.


  • Continue reserving classes via MindBody under “Livestream” title. Directions here

Our goal for the studio is to always consider the safety of our community.


  • Host outdoor classes for airflow and the outdoor experience (Boombox Weekend is amazing!)

  • Continue to create flexible packages for our audience: Livestream, On-Demand, Outdoor, In-Studio Class offerings

  • Staff + Management hours to Monday & Wednesday 9am - 5pm

  • Office Hours includes WFH: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm *415.484.3451 (Call or Txt ok)

  • Update our Operations Guidelines to fit safety measures in our FAQ page: Click Here

  • Class offerings: In-Studio Now Open + Virtual Options / Hybrid Pop Ups

  • Update all online and in-studio policies, signage, and supplies

Key Terms to Identify: We should be familiar with these terms, just to revisit:

  • “Virtual Live Streaming”: Group classes held on Zoom

  • “Hybrid”: A combination of Virtual Live Streaming + In-Studio created for max efficiency. We understand that this may be a concern for students. It is our goal to keep the company afloat and continue providing options for both Livestream and In-person.

  • “In-Studio”: Mostly used for Choreography and master programs. No live-streaming available for this option.

  • "On-Demand" "Pre-Recorded Videos (Corporate Bookings avail, public videos coming soon)

How much are tickets?

  • In-Studio: $20 Single (Packages are not available at this time. Check back in Quarter 3 for class card package options. *Monthly Unlimited Members are accepted.)

  • Livestream: $15 Single with discounted packages available, 7 Day Unlimited and Monthly Unlimited Access available.

  • Outdoor Classes: $20 - $150 ticket options, events vary


To conclude:

We’d like to take a moment to give a big thank you to our Volunteer Hosts, Instructors, Staff, and Students for their continued support through these times. Our goal has been and always will be to keep our community together. We are very proud of our efforts to have pushed this far. Our relationships have grown, we've shared memorable experiences, and for that, we are forever thankful.

(Jess here) Special Thank you to:

  • Kevin Wong, Studio Manager

  • Andy Blake, Operations Director

  • Trisha Fuerte, newly hired as our Community Liaison

  • And our HOSTS for all their volunteer time and energy

    • Anastasiia Allen

    • Belle Peng

    • Brenda Palaby

    • Chloe Sorenson

    • Gretchen Walker

    • Liezel Weibel

    • Lindsay St-Louis

    • Lourdes Ramos

    • Miky Chau

    • Tashi Cowan

    • Thara Zulueta

    • Trisha Fuerte

What was our biggest achievement during shelter-in-place? Bringing back Boombox Weekend! Next event, July 17th & 18th.


As always, thank you, everyone, for your unwavering support,

Rae Studios Management

Jessica Rae, Andy Blake, Kevin Wong, Trisha Fuerte


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